Fix Your Fear by Choosing Your Focus

Fix Your Fear with Positive Focus

Need help escaping the stranglehold fear can place on you? It’s 100% doable when you understand how you’ve been designed to think, feel, and act. Fear is a response. I’m sure you’d agree that the kind of fear that has you running from a tiger is helpful. But in circumstances where your fear is being artificially stirred up or even encouraged, that’s a different matter. That’s a problem that can paralyze your good decisions, your positive focus, and your peace. Let’s talk more about the custom fix for your fear.

3 Facts that Can Fix Your Fear

Did you catch last week’s blog about focus problems? If you’re struggling to not let your fear control you, it’s time to choose your focus and take back your joy. Your inner design (your InnerKinetics®) reveals a custom path for annihilating your fear and fixing your focus on helpful forces in your life. So, if you don’t know already, discover your inner design with this button.  Then, come back and grab the customized fix for your focus problem of fear (below).

Remember the 3 facts about focus from last week?

  • 1st FACT: Whatever you focus on, you fuel.
  • 2nd FACT: You go where you focus.
  • 3rd FACT: Your focus is contagious.

The effective fix to your fear and other focus problems may be unique to your inner design, but these facts still reveal your steps.


The “SP Focus” Doesn’t Fear

Are you an optimistic “SP”? The SP’s fear fix is by far the easiest to accomplish. Why is that? Because a healthy SP doesn’t typically recognize fear’s power. Fear is an unnatural response for a brave and daring SP. If your InnerKinetics is SP, follow these 3 steps to busting up fear (when in the unlikely event your encounter it).

  1. Lean into your SP optimism.
    An SP is fueled by optimism (a positive emotion) and the power of the present moment. When you start off with the naturally positive focus optimism provides, it captures your mental energies and grows your positive expectations of the present moment.
  2. Focus on the good news.
    Since we find what we’re looking for, look for the positive outcomes happening around you, rather than all the negative. Not that you should live in denial, but even amidst negative circumstances and bad news, you can challenge yourself to focus on what’s going right. Ask yourself, “What steps should I take to repeat the success that I’ve seen is possible?
  3. Make your impact.
    Since focus problems are contagious, so are focus fixes. As an SP, you are designed to make a positive impact on others. Let no one escape your influence without a healthy dose of your optimistic attitude and joy-spreading ways.


The “SJ Fear Fix”

Are you a cautious “SJ”? Compared to an SP, the SJ’s fear fix is a bit more difficult. Why is that? Because an SJ’s caution is absolutely essential to the ways you’ve been designed to operate. But caution is also easy to overuse. And when overused, potential negatives become far more visible than the positives. If your InnerKinetics is SJ, follow these three steps to busting up fear.

  1. Master the “just right” use of your SJ caution.
    When used correctly, an SJ’s caution is positive emotional fuel that helps you find the right steps to success while avoiding potential pitfalls. When overused, caution can give way to all the pre-existing conditions that lead to fear (for example, anxiety, stress, and worry).
  2. Focus on the positive lessons learned. SJs take note of lessons they’ve learned from the past. But only the positive lessons should carry you forward. Don’t let your focus default to mistakes and negatives. Learn from them and move forward. Your belief in the good that can come out of even bad situations is a major asset to you. Ask yourself, “What’s needed here? What’s the first step I should take to repeat the success I’ve seen happen in my own life, or in someone else’s life?”
  3. Build up your faith. Just like fear, its opposite force — faith — is contagious. So, foster an atmosphere of faith. Don’t follow negative people, search for bad news, or entertain the negative outcomes that could happen. Instead, look to others who choose a life of positive beliefs and let their faith in good outcomes affect your faith-filled attitude.


The “NT Fear Fix”

Are you a logical “NT”? The NT’s approach to fixing fear must be based on strategy and what makes sense. If your InnerKinetics is NT, follow these 3 steps to fixing your positive focus on your imminent success.

  1. Lean into your NT calm.
    As an NT, you’re cool and collected in almost all situations, right? This is because your inner design is fueled by the positive emotion of calm. NTs calmly focus on their search for efficient, logical ways to achieve their goals. So if you lose your valuable cool or get overcome by fear, restoring your natural calm must become your first priority.
  2. Focus on strategy and stay determined.
    NTs have an amazing capacity to compartmentalize and stay focused on goals. Put simply, the only thing that NTs have to fear is fear itself. So, if an NT’s goal is success and fear clearly stands in their way of success, it doesn’t make much sense to give over to it. Ask yourself, “What’s the best way for me to achieve my goals? What must I do to avoid letting fear contaminate my determination?”
  3. Share your solutions. NTs are natural leaders and problem solvers. Involve others as you implement your solutions and watch your contagious focus on solutions annihilate any remaining fear you encounter from others.


The “NF Fear Fix”

Are you an emotional “NF”? The NF’s approach to fixing fear must be based on keeping your hope in focus. If your InnerKinetics is NF, follow these 3 steps to fixing your positive focus on your imminent success.

  1. Fuel your hope with NF passion.
    As an NF, emotions are directly influencing your focus at all times. And passion, the fuel NF’s run on, lends an intensity to your focus. So, are you passionately positive, or passionately negative? Only one of these choices represents what you need to annihilate your fear. Choose hope all day long.
  2. Focus on your future. To kick your fear to the curb, you must scan the future and conduct a hope-filled search for anything that enables you to reach your greatest potential. Ask yourself, “What’s the best thing for me today that serves the bright future I’m hoping for?”
  3. Build your influence. NFs are naturally influential and desire to see everyone they care about reach their highest potential. Take that privilege seriously and soberly. Carefully build your influence, master emotional control, and show others how to fuel their own attitudes with an intense hope that destroys fear.


Choose Your Focus

It’s 100% normal for all of us to be tempted to fear or be overcome by a loss of security. But escaping the stranglehold fear can place on you is also 100% doable. Learn as much as you can about your inner design.

“A people that can know insecurity and still feel joy is one that can never be defeated, for its spirit can never be broken nor its hope destroyed.”  ~ Rabbi J. Sacks

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