A Hard Thing Worth Doing: Flip Your Strongest Weakness

Hard Thing Worth Doing: Flipping weakness back to strength

Have you ever been your own worst enemy? Each of us certainly can be when one of our greatest assets is being “mismanaged.” We each have native inner strengths. But, there’s usually one strength that seems to contribute most to your reputation and notoriety. Is this contribution positive or negative? It’s your choice, of course. But the wrong use of this strength turns it into a self-made, Real-You-wrecking weakness. Flipping your biggest weakness back to its original power as a native inner strength can be hard. But it’s a hard thing worth doing.


Which is better? Embracing weaknesses or eliminating them?

As mentioned previously, to create real change in your life, the Real You has to show up.  Only the real version of you is truly up to the task of doing hard things.

I’ve seen, heard and read so many thoughtful influencers lately, encouraging people to embrace their weaknesses. They counsel us to accept our flaws as proof that we are a part of the human race and view our weakness as something that really makes us stronger.  WHAT?! That doesn’t make sense, does it?

Strengths are positive in nature.
Weaknesses (the absence of strength) are negative in nature.
How can the absence of a strength make you stronger?

Using strengths creates stability, direction and fulfillment.
Weaknesses create instability, damage and dissatisfaction.
Why would we want to weave a contaminant like a weakness into the fabric of our lives as if it belongs there or as if it can lead you in a direction you’d like to go?


Notoriously Strong … or Just Plain Notorious?

Consider these examples:

  • Are you a passionate, edge-pushing pioneer focused on creating a better world for yourself and others?  Or has your strength of being emotional been over used to the point that no one can trust you to remain in control of your emotions? As your biggest weakness, mis-using emotional strength can create a wake of damage so wide that no one in your life is able to stay clear of it.  Do the hard thing worth doing. Flip emotional back to your greatest strength and it becomes a force multiplier for many of your other inner strengths. Together, these strengths that are innate to your inner design enable you to discover imaginative and sophisticated solutions to complex problems.
  • Perhaps you are a spontaneous, rule-breaking artisan that seeks to master the art of self-expression. Will the urge to break rules and make your mark create positive, thought-provoking masterpieces? Or will your spontaneity be mis-used, creating one rift after another between you and those you seek to impact?
  • You may be the thoughtful, prepared, deal-closer who works tirelessly to ensure important things get done on time and in the right way. Will you follow these strengths down the path to success and security? Or will you become notorious for over-controlling everything and everyone in an attempt to attain perfection and prevent chaos?
  • If you are the game-changing, paradigm-shifting strategist, capable of seeing complex systems in new ways that others cannot see, what will you do? Will you stay calm and collected even when the emotions of others start to interfere with your goals and reduce the efficiency of your solutions?


Do the hard thing worth doing

Strengths ARE the Real You. Weaknesses distort the Real You and are created when you mis-use strengths. Even if it feels very hard to accomplish, isn’t flipping a weakness back to its original form of a strength worth doing? I hope you are saying YES!

If you want to know more about your innate design-driven strengths and how to flip your strongest weaknesses, follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab a copy of INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness. Chapters 12-15 cover each strength as well as how to correctly use each.
  2. Consider your most valued strength and develop it even more.
  3. Identify your biggest weakness and FLIP it!

Stay tuned next week for more on doing the hard thing worth doing. 

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