Four Things to Know About Your Resolve

Four things to know about your resolve

Well, it’s just around the corner – that ever hopeful “new year” and its associated expectations to set resolutions. Are you among those who view January as the right time to start new habits and set new goals? Or, are you in the camp who doesn’t wait for the next number on our calendar year to re-start your resolve? Either way, now is a great time to think about your resolve. What builds strong resolve? What can destroy it? How do you decide from a long list of priorities which ones warrant a resolution? And how can you know when your resolve might be misplaced? There’s so much we could learn about this important element in the human system but let’s start with some basics. Here are four things to know about your resolve.


#1: Only strengths build strong resolve.

What builds strong resolve? Last week, Dr. Lincoln posted about the transformative truth of temperament – The Real You. Our temperament or inner design is the source of our drives, preferences, our purpose, and our inner strengths. So, understand your temperament and you understand the details of how you are built to form the strongest resolve. We each build strong resolve with very particular inner strengths that belong to us by design.

For example, an “SP” needs their strength of being the ultimate optimist if they’re to build a strong resolve. But it’s not your garden-variety optimism that’s clearly beneficial to everyone. Everyone operates best when they’re positive. But an SP’s optimism is different. As an inner strength, SP optimism represents their life’s attitude. It’s a belief system that builds a firm commitment and strong resolve to accomplish a precise goal. It’s ultimate optimism. Are you an SP?

If you’re an a SJ who is building strong resolve, you’ll need to operate with your strength of being steady and not easily shaken. Maybe you’re an SJ. Or if you are an NT, your strength of determination will be the foundation for strong resolve. If you’ve completed the InnerKinetics Temperament Key and determined that the Real You is an “NF,” as you learn more, you will discover that your strength of seeking meaning and significance would be an essential tool in building your resolve.

In future posts, we’ll go deeper into how each of the temperaments use their innate and unique strengths to build strong resolve. But suffice to say, your resolve cannot be at its strongest and most durable without the use of one of your strongest inner strengths.


#2: Even the strongest resolve weakens without this.

What can destroy your resolve? Answer: the wrong emotional fuel. Even the strongest resolve is powerless against one of the most powerful forces in the universe. But it may not be what you’re thinking. Your resolve can be so strong that others may view you as unshakeable, dauntless, or solid as a rock.  But even the strongest resolve weakens in the presence of negative, harmful emotions.

If you want your resolve to be ready to withstand the gale-force winds of change, make sure you are also developing a lifestyle of positive, helpful emotional fuel.  Did you know that each of the four core inner designs use totally different emotional fuel to power their strengths and build strong resolve?

More on that in future posts too. But take the time to check out this powerful resource if you want to learn more right now: Intelligently Emotional by Dr. Ray W. Lincoln


#3: Priorities that deserve more of your resolve.

How do you decide from a long list of priorities which ones warrant a resolution? The fast answer is to determine if this priority or goal is aligned with how you’ve been designed to operate in your daily life. Is this priority going to help the Real You move forward? Or will it stall and delay your progress toward a sense of fulfillment and purpose?  That may sound difficult, but if you know your InnerKinetics®, it is not difficult at all. Start with this free assessment and then grab this life-changing resource: INNERKINETICS, Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness

With limited time, energy and “Yes’s” resolve to make becoming even more of “The Real You” a priority. Doing this will help you sort through and determine just how important all the other resolutions actually are.


#4: A sure tell sign your resolve may be misplaced.

How can you know when it’s time to re-evaluate your resolutions? In other words, when do you stay the course? And when do you know it’s time to set a better one? I love these questions!  Not because we can have all the answers, but because these are the questions we should all be asking ourselves throughout the perennial habit of personal development.

There are several triggers that warrant you examining when your resolve should be adjusted, strengthened, or outright ended. But they all revolve around the fruit of your labors. Is your resolve to accomplish a goal leaving you with a sense that you’re doing things you were meant to do? Then keep going. Even if it takes you longer than you had hoped, the positive outcomes along the way are building your momentum. Sure, setbacks are usually a part of the process too. But overcoming adversity is healthy!  If your goal is aligned with the Real You – don’t stop until you accomplish some or all of it.

On the other hand, knowing when to stop is also important. Even when certain goals are on your path to personal development, it’s wisdom to know when a season has ended. Once again, examine the “fruit” or the outcomes of your efforts.  If they are not helpful to yourself or others, make an adjustment. Change the goal. Better goals, better resolutions are always available!


Discover more about building rock-solid resolve

As we speed forward through the holiday season and toward a new year, stay with us as we learn fascinating facts about your ingenious inner design.

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