Freedom Is Great!  So Is Having to Be Responsible!

Be Responsible. Make this World Better

The Crooked Fact

Some crooked thinkers (incomplete thinkers) tell us we don’t choose anything and that our choices are chemically made for us.  Yes, and these theories are being taught as scientific facts to our youth!  As an example, I just completed a course, produced by The Great Courses and taught by their selected professor of neuroscience who sought to make me believe my brain was the origin of my thoughts.  I was supposed to believe I had no ability to make my own choices.  His reasoning: This was because our brains are made up of matter (physical substances).  Therefore, all our thoughts are the result of chemical/electromagnetic happenings that are dancing around in the cellular matter of our brains.  We have our brains to thank for what we think, not our freedom to think freely.  Therefore, there is no requirement to be responsible.  That’s ignorant thinking!  

Here Are Five Reasons Why We Need to Be Responsible:

  1. Can we live, do we live as though the idea that our choices are made for us is true?  No.  So, why is this crooked thinking not what we experience?  Why do we believe we are free to think what we will?  
  2. For what reason do we allow what does not even pass the test of common sense to deceive us?  Common sense is a sense that is commonly believed because it is how we all experience reality.  
  3. The idea that our choices are made for us by our brains is crooked thinking because it is only partial truth.  Our material brains are involved in the thinking process.  That is true.  But we don’t know all there is to know about how our mind (the thought center) actually functions.  “We know in part…,” a wise one told us some 2,000 years ago.  And it is still true.   
  4. With another important part called instinct, we insist on the freedom to choose.  That makes no sense and we are lying to ourselves if we don’t have the ability to choose for ourselves.  
  5. Ask any teenager “Do you want to be free to choose?”  We all know their answer — and ours.  No one believes and lives consistently with the understanding that they don’t make their own choices.  Nobody!  

This Crooked Thinking Ignores Our Actual Human Experience 

The arguments that conclude that our amazing physical brains mechanistically make our choices for us ignore, at the very least, two areas of human experience: the fact that we often interpret facts wrongly and that we are assuming that all we are is physical matter.  There are no proven facts that rule out the freedom to make our own choices. 

So, what’s the best way to live?  

  1. Realize our knowledge is a work in progress.  
  2. Believe we must live according to what we have observed of humans from the beginning.  

Enjoy Freedom by Being Responsible

We have the gift of freedom to think and act the way we want to.  But we must also live with the consequences of our actions.  Therefore, let’s think hard before we use our freedom to choose.  We can’t live happily any other way.  Enjoy your freedom to think and choose as you will, and also the pride of thinking responsibly.  


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Weekly Help for Your Mind/Brain

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Why We Need to Exercise Our Bodies to Develop and Feed Our Brains 

(Don’t skip these five reasons!)   

Reason one:  

Think of your body as an expansive network of communication channels, busier than a Los Angeles freeway at rush hour.  The purposes for which a freeway is used are many, but the need is more than obvious.  LA dies a slow death when its roads are blocked and traffic does not move. 

Communication is vital to life and function.  A lack of it in our bodies causes paralysis and an ever-growing threat of death to the body.  A body and its brain cells slowly disintegrate when they don’t communicate and are not used.  These same cells actually grow to meet the demand of usage.  The intricacies of this simple but complex functioning of the human body are beyond the explanation of any theory of evolution.  So move — for growth and health — is our first obvious lesson.

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