Protect Your Freedom to Choose with 3 Daily Choices

Your Freedom to Choose

The United States just celebrated one of the most important events in its history as a nation. It got me thinking about concepts like freedom, independence, fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Do you know what they have in common? They’re each gained by your choices. And each can be lost by your choices as well. Your choices determine the health of your self-image, the quality of your relationships, and the degree to which you are living your best life. Your freedom to choose is perhaps the most important freedom you have. Protect it with these 3 choices made each day.


Daily Choice #1: Know Your Choices

Your freedom to choose was expensive! It was bought and paid for with the highest of prices. What’s more, your freedom to choose is the very freedom that leads to all other forms of freedom. So how do you protect such a valuable and precious thing? It all starts with knowing which choices are actually yours to make.

Did you know?

  • You choose the thoughts you entertain.
  • Your positive focus…chosen
  • Emotions…those are chosen, too.
  • Even operating in your self-made weaknesses (versus your innate strengths) is a choice.


If you want to protect your precious freedom of choice, start with Daily Choice #1 and recognize the true nature of the decisions you make all day. Some of the choices before you have important consequences. What’s more, you may not even realize you are making them.

Here’s just one example:

You get to decide whether the offensive thing your co-worker said in the break room will result in you staying offended. It’s understandable that you feel offended, hurt or angry about it. But will you choose to stay that way? Will you choose to actually go from feeling offended to being offended?


Daily Choice #2: Accept Responsibility

With all the events in your life that are completely out of your control, how can your own choices keep you in the driver’s seat? How do you stay on a path to a life of fulfillment and a sense of purpose?

Daily choice #2 is to accept absolute, 100% responsibility for the choices you make – both good and bad. Only when you own your choices will you then recognize the power you have to keep your momentum going in a good direction and correct mistakes along the way.


Daily Choice #3: Positive Focus

The Real You aches to realize your true potential. Avoid the choices that get your life off track — or worse, slowly erode your freedoms. Daily choice #3 is to recognize that you go where you focus, so make it positive.

How’s a positive focus chosen and maintained? Start by learning as much as you can about the inner drives and strengths that shape your days into a fulfilling and rewarding life.


Your Freedom to Choose Is Critical to the Real You

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