Lost Your Red-Hot Reason Why? Here’s How to Get Back on Track.

get back on track

The terms “purpose,” “vision,” “dream,” and “heart” are pretty common in just about every current motivational talk or writing. I call it your “Red-Hot Reasons Why?” It’s a simple way of describing the big reasons why you bother to get up and go for something better every day.  Big or small, it’s a collection of reasons why you’re driven to accomplish things that others are not. Regardless of what you call them, these terms all share a common challenge. They can be lost if they become detached from your motivations. They can be lost from sight or lost along the way. Sometimes, it’s a case of being lost in translation. What’s worse, many of us who lose these important things also get labeled a “lost cause.” So, how do you get back on track when you’ve lost heart and the motivation to follow your purpose has escaped you?


Get back on track by pursuing what truly fulfills you.

Recently, we were talking about your source of lasting fulfillment. To summarize, your true motivations are directly related to your inner design. Live your life according to how you’ve been made on the inside. A sense of fulfillment is the result.  And this resulting sense of fulfillment is the very confirmation that you’re back on the right track.

Worried that pursuing what fulfills you in life is a selfish thing?

I urge you to consider that it’s absolutely not a selfish thing.  What’s more, it’s a necessary thing you can do for others. It’s the kind of motivation that’s “baked” into your intelligent design. So, the sooner you align your beliefs and design-driven motivations, the faster you can return to your Red-Hot Why.


Happy, Satisfied, Fulfilled – Same Thing

Consider Anna’s story, for example:

As a teenager:

Her life changed drastically.  Her parents divorced, her father became estranged, and her alcoholic mother re-married and moved her to Europe. Anna was ripped from a life in which she felt secure. Even though she managed to regroup, she never remembered feeling happy again. 

As a young adult:

Anna readily adopted her mother’s chosen coping mechanism. Sadly, she turned to alcohol to drown her heavy heart. She worried that her life had no important purpose.  She knew that she was good at giving helpful advice to other people.  In fact, when they followed her advice, it really seemed to help.  She did feel an emotional lift when she’d make herself available to help. But she couldn’t seem to really stay motivated by any of it.  She’d lost her hope and her way.  As a law student, she tried to focus on studies and subdue her imagination. She felt her imagination only caused her trouble and that she should avoid that unrealistic minefield. She didn’t consider herself to be creative or imaginative.

The problem with all that thinking was apparent because Anna was an “NF.” NF’s (by design) are creative, idealistic, kindhearted seekers of harmony. They’re trusting, emotional, sensitive, and most of all, IMAGINATIVE.  Anna was not using one of the very strengths that would have restored her sense of purpose.  And it was this NON-USE of her imagination that was killing her hope.  It was suffocating her focus on a happier future where helping people with her legal skills was just part of a bigger picture.

In a nutshell:

First, Anna identified her inner design. Next, she learned how she was designed to function. Developing her strengths, particularly the strength of being imaginative, her sense of fulfillment and feelings of happiness came back! She felt inspired again!


Believe in what the Real You needs to do.

Anna came to believe that her imagination was actually a good and vital part of her healthy mindset.  The fulfillment she received was confirmation that she could pursue her dreams and be a realistic help to others. She found her heart – her “Red-Hot Reason Why.”

To sum up, if you feel you’ve lost your way, don’t worry. Learn more about the Real You and get that vital sense of fulfillment and lasting motivation back.

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