Go for More than a “Paint-by-Number” Summer

Go for more

School is out! And for those of you whose daily life instantly changes due to this fact, congratulations! The “Gauntlet of Exhausting Awesomeness” (i.e., recitals, graduations, tournaments, parties, etc.) is now complete and a new season begins. Have you already created a plan full of clever ways to keep yourself or your family physically active, learning, and engaged more with humans than tech devices? If your answer is no, welcome to “Team Normal.” You’re among friends who are all still working on that one. But consider this, it’s actually a great place to be in the process. Whether you’re spending time with your kids, with friends, family or colleagues, this summer is an opportunity to think differently. Maybe this summer, it’s even time to break away from some of random rule-following and “paint-by-number” thinking that previous summers have dictated. Consider the very best way to spend your valuable time, build relationships and go for more than a paint-by-number summer! Here are some ideas.


Break some “rules” and paint outside the lines. (Idea #1)

Challenging the rules can be a very healthy activity, depending on the rule. Thinking and acting outside the normal lines can create the perspective you need for change. It can find new ways to build relationships. It can even make for a way more fun-filled summer. I like the way one artist and motivational speaker puts it. Check out his TedTalk.

You can even recover lost time when you’re willing to think about what should and shouldn’t be a rule in your life.


Go for more and ask The Magic Question. (Idea #2)

Last week, we wrapped up a series on how to become intelligently emotional. The study guide and reading plan are still available. I hope you’ll grab that valuable learning. It can literally upgrade what you get from your time and energy. But perhaps one of the most important takeaways was a “magic question” that helps you stay focused on solutions and goals.


If one of your goals this summer is to build stronger relationships, this question is the most direct route to doing so. It pulls conflict back from the edge and makes room for resolution.  This question creates space to connect with the most important people in your life, even if it means saying “no” to other options. And it can be the quintessential re-set button. It’s a great question!


Snag awesomeness from people who don’t paint by the numbers. (Idea #3)

In previous blogs, I’ve encouraged you to follow the drives of your own inner design. It’s the best way to burst out of a paint-by-numbers season in your life.

If you’ve never had the chance to discover your inner design (your InnerKinetics®), you can do that here:

Although you’re a unique expression of your InnerKinetics®, you definitely have important perspectives, motivations and inner drives in common with those who share a similar design. Why does that matter?  Well, if you want to snag awesome ideas on how to get more out of the time you have, look to some like-minded rule breakers that have gone before you along a customized, inner design-driven path.

Are you an adventurous SP?

Consider how you can turn any task into a competition or game. Even if it’s chores at home, or you’re stuck in an office. Maybe you can go mobile. Summer is the perfect time to burst out of the norm and find some healthy excitement!

Responsible SJ?

Find creative ways to get the job done that still leave plenty of room for fun. You can work first, then play. Or you can turn work into play. Either way, it’s possible to have both: routine and creativity, structure and “planned” spontaneity.

Maybe you’re a logical NT?

You know just how to calculate the best, most efficient route to thinking, living, and coloring outside the lines. Give yourself a chance to think about new ways to create a summer that looks like anything but painting-by-numbers.

Are you a vibrantly emotional NF?

Think about how your imagination and your idealistic thinking can create a meaningful experience out of ANY set of circumstances. If you’re ready to go for more, aim high and create stronger relationships that take everyone further.

You can turn the ultimate summertime balancing act into a time to connect in new ways with those who matter most to you. Go for more this summer with a custom set of ideas that break the mold on connection, creativity, and adventure.

Stay tuned as summer unfolds.  We’ll swap ideas on how to go for more.

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