Harmful comparisons can hijack your upgraded life

Do you tend to compare your circumstances with those nearest you? Whether it be your chosen career path, the dynamics in your marriage or the reputation of your kids’ school, it’s so hard to avoid making the joy-sucking comparisons between your situation and that of your friends and neighbors! And many of us take these comparisons even further, going so far as to stack up our inner strengths and preferences against the “competition” to see if we’re good enough. These are harmful comparisons. Don’t you dare!  If you’re tempted to compare your life situation or yourself to that of someone else, stop and think. You’ve been wonderfully made!  You uniquely express an inner design custom-built for you to follow. Learn how to avoid the harmful comparisons that stand in the way of a major upgrade in your life.


Make sure you’re using the right template — one for the Real You

 The temptation to compare your gifts, strengths, skills, and abilities to others is normal and human. But choosing to routinely draw comparisons and let it rob you of focus on your own blueprint (or template) for success is harmful. Your inner design (the Real You) is intricately mapped out for your success and happiness.

Let’s look further into the analogy of templates. A template helps create a consistent and reliable result each time. 

Consider what would happen if you were charged with cutting 2 x 4’s into pieces exactly 1 foot in length. Rather than using the same 1-ft. template each time, you simply used the last piece cut. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have pieces that vary in width from less than 1 ft. to more than 1 ft. Just a slight variance each time would result in a big difference over the course of cutting a whole palette of boards.

Your inner design works like a reliable, customized template that can lead you to your greatest potential. However, the upgraded life available to you can only be achieved if you avoid making inappropriate and harmful comparisons between yourself and others. Your success hinges on knowing how to follow the preferences, drives, and strengths of your own inner design (your InnerKinetics®).  


Obstacle #4 can “suck the joy” right out of your life!

 We’ve been addressing obstacles to your upgraded life – and how to avoid them. In review, here are 4 that stand in your way:

  1. Using the Wrong Definition of Success

Avoid Obstacle #1 by getting rid of all the goals that you know in your heart aren’t yours and all the goals you’ve chosen because you’re copying someone else. If you’ll deliberately carve the shape of your destiny and not let circumstances or others do it for you, success is yours for the taking. More on that . . .

  1. Managing Unnecessary Guilt

Avoid Obstacle #2 by ditching unnecessary guilt and pursuing a far more worthy focus on positive choices. These are the choices custom-made for our success and real potential. More on that . . .

  1. Responsible Use of Free Choice

Avoid Obstacle #3 (and the damage it can do to your relationships and circumstances) by operating with intelligent emotions, the right use of inner strengths, and a positive focus. More on that . . .

  1. Avoiding Harmful Comparisons

This obstacle can quite literally rob you of happiness, hijack any success you enjoy and “suck the joy” out of your upgraded life.  Avoid #4 by ensuring you’re using the right success template for your own life – the one for the Real You. Your InnerKinetics is that reliable template.


Avoid Harmful Comparisons and Other Obstacles to Your Upgraded Life with These Steps

  1. Start by discovering your inner design.
  2. Define success for yourself.
  3. Don’t let unnecessary guilt stand in your way.
  4. Accept total responsibility for all the choices you make.
  5. Dare to stop making harmful comparisons that hijack your life and stand in opposition to your greatest accomplishments.



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