Healthy Emotional Fuel Will Turbo Charge Your Life

Needing Better Emotional Fuel?

When life’s circumstances turn on a dime and plunge your positive outlook into the pit of your stomach, what can you do?  An awesome day, full of promise, can morph into the worst day of your life with just one negative comment from a critical person. Why is that?  Have you recently experienced a situation that was so emotionally draining, you had to just go sleep it off? Life’s challenges can be that intense.  There’s no pep talk or energy drink in the world that can help you reach the other side unscathed. Each of these situations have an important thing in common: You’ll need “healthy emotional fuel” to navigate them successfully.


Positive, intelligent emotions power your inner design.

We talked previously about operating with positive, intelligent emotions. But why would that matter?

It matters because emotions power your inner design and provide long-lasting energy. They move you in the direction consistent with their purpose. On the other hand, negative emotions set you back. Only positive, “intelligent” emotions can provide the emotional fuel you’ll need to turbo charge your life toward fulfillment and purpose.

And importantly, you must understand that the way people use emotions intelligently differs according to their inner design. Not all people learn emotional intelligence the same way.  Just take a look at how differently each of the four InnerKinetics core profiles use emotion:

  • If you are a quick-acting “SP,” you’re driven to respond quickly to the information your senses gather. This response often happens before you even have time to think about all the factors involved. That speed is your asset.
  • A cautious “SJ” prefers to treat emotions with a more somber, cautious concern. They also question the usefulness of their emotions.
  • If you are an “NT,” you likely feel that emotions detract from the efficiency of your world of analytical thought. This attitude can keep you unaware of your own emotions. In addition, you aren’t favorably disposed to the emotions of others, either.
  • Many NFs are often unable to harness their emotional powers or control explosions. Favoring emotions can become a dangerous invitation for your emotions to strengthen and dominate. So, you must learn to be smart about emotions and pick only the positive ones.


Upgrade to healthy emotional fuel with these 3 steps:

If you want to be intelligently emotional, you’ll need to act.

STEP 1: Focus on the positive strengths of your inner design (your InnerKinetics).

 STEP 2: Understand which emotional fuel powers your InnerKinetics. 

  • Does OPTIMISM influence your daily life as an “SP”?
  • Are you an “SJ” that proceeds with CAUTION?
  • Perhaps like other “NTs,” CALM is the emotional fuel that runs your system.
  • PASSION courses through the inner design of every “NF.” Can you relate?

 STEP 3: Develop your inner strengths by using ONLY the positive, intelligent emotions your InnerKinetics thrive on.

  • Each inner strength in your InnerKinetics profile is powered by some form of emotion. This emotional fuel works tirelessly to exert its energy in directing our lives.
  • Check the fuel in your emotional tank and “upgrade” every time you can. Use the Quick Guide below to assist you.


Use this InnerKinetics® Quick Guide to upgrade your emotional fuel:

  • Turbo Fuel for the “SP” – Optimism:  Make sure your optimism does not devolve into the negative opposite of pessimism.  If it has, shift your focus immediately to living in the moment. Do not stop until you’ve found some silver lining from your present circumstances.
  • Turbo Fuel for the “SJ”– Caution: Don’t mistake carelessness as the right kind of emotional fuel. Use your caution to examine the opportunities in front of you. You’ll be much happier with your carefully planned results.
  • Turbo Fuel for the “NT” – Calm: Stay calm when encountering resistance to your ideas.  If you lose calm and act on heightened emotions, the chances are good that you will be losing emotional intelligence with every second that goes by.
  • Turbo Fuel for the “NF” – Passion: Fight to keep your passions alive.  It’s your passion that keeps you living in and for the future where your hope is found. Never settle for anything less than the upgrade that passion makes available.

So, if acceleration toward a fulfilling life is your goal, you’ll need more than just a pep talk or some generic advice. You’ll need to learn how to use healthy emotional fuel. Your InnerKinetics thrive on it.  Get Ready!

And stay tuned as we examine more closely how an SP chooses the healthy emotional fuel of OPTIMISM.  See you next week.

You can also teach your kids how to choose healthy emotional fuel.   

Learn more about parenting according to your child’s design, with this new self-paced online learning.


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