Hit “Reset”! Put It Right! Make It a Habit!

By Janet Kellogg

Put It Right! – Another Habit of Highly Effective People

You’ve heard countless titles for books, articles and blogs all aimed at identifying habits that lead to success. They can be very helpful . . . as long as you remember that every habit formed starts with exercising a freedom you must never take for granted: your freedom to choose. Endless debate would undoubtedly commence over which habits should make the “Top 10” list. But regardless of how big the list gets, choosing to put things right when you’ve played a part in their going wrong must become a habit.

When you “Put it Right,” you press the ultimate “reset button.” You don’t make excuses for a bad choice, an unproductive behavior or negative thinking. You take responsibility for your part and you do or say what you should have done or said the first time. Ask for forgiveness, if necessary, but own the problem and be part of the solution. Put things right as best as you can and try again!

Are you disappointing yourself or feeling out of sync with your goals for a more satisfying career?

Put it right and take action to align your time and priorities with a new set of skills.


Has another heated argument with your spouse left you feeling guilty for what you’ve said and hopeless that you’ll ever be on the same page?

Put it right and seek to understand the emotions both of you possess about the issue.


What about the sweet little kid who’s legitimately upset because of your angry, dream-crushing response?

You know what I’m going to say: “Put it right.” Model to your child the power of “I’m sorry” and try again to communicate with kindness why their request is something you are unable to fulfill at this time.


Whether you are playing the role of CEO or stay-at-home parent, like every highly effective person, you need to put it right when you make a mistake, or even just identify an area of your life where things have gone off track. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big thing, or a little thing, a relationship issue or a personal habit. Putting it right is the first step to experiencing the positive change you want.

To Put It Right Is the First Step to Making Positive Change

Recall from a previous post that positive change is a choice you make every day if you are to discover all that the Real You has to offer. Putting it right is always the first step to making positive change a reality. The Real You is constantly transforming, pursuing expert-level use of your strengths and making the choice to put it right every chance you get.

So, HIT THAT RESET BUTTON! It’s not too late to properly use an inner strength that you’ve been misusing. It’s not too late to get a failing relationship in business (or in your personal life) back on track. If you’ve mistakenly started receiving the “Newsletter for Excuse-Makers and Buck-Passers,” it’s never too late to unsubscribe! While you are at it, communicate to others what you are doing and why you are doing it. You may find you’ve gained some fans that are happy to support you in your efforts to reset and, better yet, willing to follow your lead. Putting it right can be a contagious habit, so pass it on!


Want to Develop the Habit of Choosing to “Put Things Right”?

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