In Pursuit of “Real You” Focus

Real You Focus

Here’s a question: Are you focused on all that’s weird and wrong about the last 12 months? If that’s not helping you, then stop it! I know you didn’t need me to say that. But sometimes, we all just need a whack upside the head. Your focus determines where you spend all your valuable personal resources. For instance, your time, attention, and talents can be wasted on pursuits that are doomed to fail. Or, they can be intensely aimed at goals that create a sense of achievement, satisfaction, and fulfillment. I’m talking about pursuing the “Real You” mindset. And this week, we continue the conversation. Let’s talk about re-setting to a “Real You” focus.

Why does a “Real You” Mindset even matter?

We’ve been talking about how to pursue a “Real You” Mindset. And last week, we covered Step 1: Pursue “clean water thinking.” Since we’re now on step 2, which deals with your focus, check out these two posts if you haven’t had the chance to catch up:

Let’s review before we move on to Step 2.

Q: What’s a “Real You” Mindset?

A: A Real You Mind is a clear mind. It’s a mindset that sees your innate value in real and practical terms. Further, it’s without the distortions you adopt through failures, mistakes, or misunderstandings. It’s happily related to the unique ways you’ve been designed to think, feel and act. And it’s unapologetically driven by your God-given inner design.

Q: Why does adopting a Real You Mindset matter?

A: This mindset is critical to your success. It’s your straightest path to an authentic sense of fulfillment in life. What’s more, it represents a mindset that is free to function with purpose, rather than malfunction.

Ready for STEP 2?


You Find What You’re looking for . . .

The Real You mind has a clear focus that intensifies your efforts on becoming the person you are created to become. Moreover, it’s focused on making healthy choices that help you and others. In other words, it’s not focused on making harmful comparisons or choices that damage you or your relationships.

The human mind can do amazing things with mental focus. Your mental focus has the power to create versus destroy. It can imagine or reject. It can even lead versus mislead. It’s truly astounding. On many occasions, these posts have explained the life-altering force of focus. And there are two takeaways that always rise to the top.

  1. Focus is chosen.
  2. Focus magnifies your target.

To summarize, you will find what you’re looking for. So, whatever or whomever you are intensely focused upon is what or who you’ll become. Are you looking for the Real You? Or are you unknowingly pursuing a counterfeit version of yourself?

Perhaps you know yourself quite well but just want to learn more. Or perhaps you’re unsure about the object of your focus and want to zero in on a tighter, smarter target. Either way, now is a great time to RE-SET your focus on the Real You.


A “Real You” Focus eliminates clutter, chaos, and confusion

In conclusion, a “Real You” focus eliminates confusion and clutter in your mind. That sounds good, right? The past year has included plenty of circumstances and forces beyond our control. These things slowly siphon off our mental energies.  Regain that lost energy and momentum by choosing to focus on a Real You Mindset. Therefore, focus with intensity! The more you learn about the Real You, the faster you can re-set your focus.


  1. Take the free assessment.
  2. Grab your copy of INNERKINETICS. Alternatively, you can access one of the design-specific Kindle books that deals with your specific design.

READ the chapter(s) or Kindle book unique to your assessment results. Take note of your top three takeaways. They could be answers to questions you’ve always had about yourself or just new discoveries that you think may help you achieve your 2021 goals.

COME BACK as we wrap up our 3-week series on the Real You mindset with STEP 3: Setting clear, measurable “Real You” Goals.


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