In Pursuit of “Real You” Perspective

In Pursuit of “Real You” Perspective

We’ve been covering the advantages of a “Real You” Mindset and the steps needed to gain one. “Real You” Thinking, Focus, and Goal setting is the path to a clear mindset that will take you any place you want to go. But we can’t leave out the most important step. It’s most important because once you’ve gained this clear mind, it will shift your point of view. This shift happens because you can now appreciate how different your perspective is from those around you. It’s like going from monochromatic to technicolor vision. Let’s look at things from a “Real You” Perspective.


Steps to a Real You Mindset

Before we move on to the last step, here’s where we’ve been:

STEP 1: Pursue “Real You” Thinking with clean-water thoughts

STEP 2: Pursue “Real You” Focus with a laser-like aim

STEP 3: Pursue “Real You” Goals – aiming small, missing small

And now for STEP 4: Gain a “Real You” Perspective.


Have you ever noticed just how vibrant things become outdoors when you put on polarized sunglasses? Imagine just how dramatically different things might look if you went from monochrome to technicolor vision. The effects of changing to a “Real You” Perspective are very similar. So, let’s talk about what it means to have a “Real You” Perspective.


A “Real You” Perspective Is Like Having Technicolor Vision

If you have a Real You Mindset, you know a lot about how you’re designed to operate. You know the difference between your God-given inner strengths and your self-made weaknesses. You know what naturally motivates and de-motivates you. You can even know the path to building a healthy self-image and relationships with others. What’s more, you can know these same things about others who possess a different inner design. Just making a mental effort to be sympathetic to another’s point of view creates a new understanding. But imagine the “depth of field” or added dimension you create when you understand the inner design possessed by others around you.

A “Real You” Perspective means you understand how your point of view is shaped by your inner design (your InnerKinetics®). When you have a “Real You” Perspective, you can learn and understand how others have fundamentally diverse ways of interpreting the details in any situation. This change in your perspective creates an entirely new view of a person, circumstance, or opportunity. Creative solutions not thought of before come forward. A more empathetic approach to disagreement emerges. Resolution to unresolved conflict is more than possible.

In many ways, this short story about what these kids did for their colorblind friend helps us appreciate the impact a change in perspective can have:


The Golden Rule Made Easier

Understanding inner design shapes your perspective and influences a positive mindset. What’s more, it makes the Golden Rule more doable. Even when emotions are high and even in the face of seemingly unresolvable conflict, relationship building is critical to your success. A “Real You” Perspective means a shift in your perspective. It builds up, rather than tearing down. It keeps you moving forward on the track you’ve been designed to travel – all while appreciating the tracks that others are built to travel.

The best part is, you don’t have to agree with someone to understand — and even appreciate — their point of view. If you want a major advantage at home, at work, or in any other important area of your life, gain the “Real You” Perspective that builds relationships.



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