In which direction are you building your life?

Your life direction

We’re all in constant motion. That’s true regardless of which aspect of the human system you’re considering. Even if it feels we’re stuck in a relationship, a job, or the consequences of poor choices, we’re still moving. And more importantly, we can move toward solutions and positive change. So, I ask you:  Are you building your life with a goal in mind? Are you headed in a direction on purpose?  Your temperament reveals the very best starting point.


Building on solid ground

In recent posts, we’ve addressed some important differences between personality and temperament. Personality shifts with changing circumstances. However, your temperament (or inner design) doesn’t change with time or any other circumstance. What’s more, your temperament points you in the direction your life is intended to go. Upon which foundation would you prefer to build? The choices lie between solid ground, and the shifting sands of our emotional reactions, current moods and lack of understanding. The solid ground of temperament is the clear winner. Wouldn’t you agree?


Building in the direction of fulfillment and purpose

The foundation of your inner design represents a blueprint for building your best life. But it also generates a specific direction. In this case, the direction or motion that your inner design generates directs you toward the purpose for which you’ve been designed. If your temperament is a reliable foundation and generates a specific direction, then it makes sense that we also have some guideposts along the way. In the life-changing guide, INNERKINETICS, we learn that with every core temperament, there comes a package of inner strengths. These are your built-in guideposts.

Learn how to use your inner strengths and you’re building your life in a healthy, positive direction — a direction with purpose and fulfillment. What’s more, you’re removing the obstacles that keep you from becoming all you can become in your life. And you’re dis-empowering the unreliable and inappropriate patterns that serve as distractions.

Building your life with positive forces, not negative obstacles

Have you noticed just how much of the current personal development advice is based on negatives?  Advice like, “Try not to be over-controlling.” Or “Be less self-assured in your approach to conversation.” Consider why people “don’t like it when you…” In other words, put your energy toward managing a negative about yourself.  BOO!

It’s a fact: The human mind can only focus on one thing at a time. Does it make sense to focus on a negative? Or should you focus on developing the positive forces of your inner strengths to solve your challenges?  One approach is certainly more motivating than the other.

Follow the most positive forces upon which a person can build both momentum and direction. Develop your inner strengths and build your life in a positive, intentional direction.

It all starts with discovering the solid foundation of your temperament.

Then learn how to follow the blueprint of inner design — building your life toward fulfillment and purpose.  Next week, we’ll begin a series about  developing your strengths. Visit this blog for practical steps to real change for yourself, your kids, or your employees.

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