Know When Your Inner Autopilot Needs a Course Correction

Know where your inner autopilot is taking you

Last week, we were talking about getting more from your time by asking this simple question:  Is there a difference between where you want to go and where you’re actually going? But now, it’s time for me to come clean. The question is easy to ask. But the answer can be a bit more difficult… that is, UNLESS, you know more about your inner autopilot and where it’s designed to take you.


You can trust your autopilot mode…when it’s using your inner strengths.

Yesterday, I was watching my daughter follow one of her passions (horses). It’s a joy to see the serious concentration on her face as she navigates a course of obstacles successfully. There’s so much to think about, focus on, and actually do. There are so many subtle cues between her and her horse while they’re acting as a finely-tuned team. These cues lead to either success or failure with little ambiguity. And what I love most is the pride she takes in getting things done in the way she had visualized their outcome.

As she was navigating the course, she made a mistake that could have resulted in an accident and injury. Her instructor encouraged her to take the opportunity next time to let the horse go on “autopilot” for a minute. “After all,” she said, “the horse will instinctively preserve himself and not just crash into a gate just because you accidentally cued him to do so.”

It got me to thinking about our own autopilot mode.

We, too, are designed to innately follow a set of actions we perceive to be in our best interests. When our inner autopilot is healthy and operating from our strengths, we can follow those drives straight into a sense of fulfillment and purpose from our endeavors. But our autopilot can also start glitching. It can malfunction and not be totally trustworthy if we’ve been choosing to create self-made weaknesses rather than correctly operating in our strengths. Simply put, following our strengths charts a course for our success. The outcomes we are trying to achieve are possible.

Alternatively, miss-using strengths, resulting in the formation of weaknesses, can force our autopilot off course. Weaknesses result in a significantly different outcome or direction than the one we want.

Consider this context: Can you think of times in your life where you thought you were headed for one destination and ended up in a spot you didn’t recognize?


Where’s your inner autopilot taking you?

Is your autopilot operating in your best interests? Ensuring this is critical to your success, whether it’s parenting, career, marriage or personal development. Even the smallest adjustments can have major effects on our lives. The personal change (or course corrections) you want to make begin with a critical understanding of your inner design. The team at InnerKinetics is ready to help you discover this design, as well as the practical steps that help you follow your design-driven inner strengths.



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More next week.

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