Bring Your Inner Strengths to EVERY Table

Inner Strengths are required in social relationships as well as the boardroom

What do terms like “mindfulness,” “synergy,” “storytelling,” “intrapreneur,” and “return on relationship” all have in common? I mean besides sharing a spot in the top 5 workplace buzzwords sometime over the last 3 years. With some friendly modification, they could just as easily be used in your home or around the dinner table with friends, couldn’t they? Here’s another thing they share. Your inner strengths are required.

Dinner table or conference table . . .

How do so many innovation-generating, paradigm-shifting concepts find their way into the workplace?

Is it a coincidence that most thought-leaders use these business-place buzzwords during their efforts to solve common problems in customer relationships?

I wonder just how many of these thoughts came while trying to solve their “micro-biz” at home.

We have to get along with people outside of the work environment and in our personal space. We must find ways to pull together and get important things done.  Families are the first place any of us really have to pull on our strengths.  And we need to find ways to meet each other’s personal agendas while not living beyond our means. It’s pretty much the same thing any responsible small business or large corporation has to do.

Turns out what you bring to the dinner table is just as important as what you bring to the corporate boardroom or conference table.


EXAMPLE: Inner strengths and great stories

Can you tell a good story? You’ll need your inner strengths to be great at it.

Storytelling is a popular way to convey ideologies, values, and to motivate teams. Savvy business leaders frequently use stories to pass on their messages to inspire employee retention or customer loyalty. It’s impactful. It helps you connect with the message and feel the emotions behind what you’re trying to have them understand.

Whether your audience is in their casual business attire or their footy pajamas, a good story requires:

  • Dramatic, yet concrete, language
  • Order and structure
  • Creative strategy, and
  • Vivid imagination

Any one of us can learn to use the elements I listed above. But each of us is designed in such a way that only ONE from the list is actually our inner strength. The impact of your story will be in direct relationship to the degree we are using our inner strengths to do so.

Curious as to which one of the 4 things I listed is an actual inner strength of your InnerKinetics®?


Your inner strengths are needed at every table.

There are many definitions out there for inner strengths.  Some are incredibly limiting, while others over promise.  Many are based on finding the right set of feelings about your abilities.  Your inner strengths are so much more.

As part of quite a sophisticated package, our strengths are a result of an inner design (our InnerKinetics®) that drives and motivates us. Our particular brand of intelligence (strategic, diplomatic, logistical or tactical) is even a result of this design. And yes, there is a layer of emotion that wraps us up and serves to bring this inner design to life. That is, of course, as long as the emotion is being used “intelligently.”

Your forward-thinking solutions, the quality of ALL your relationships, and your ability to stay mindful and mentally strong all stem from the right use of your inner strengths.


Inner strengths only the Real You can bring

What are the unique inner strengths you bring to the table?  They are NOT the same for each of us.

What’s the difference between acquired skills and inner strengths?  Skills are learned. Inner strengths are yours by design.

If strengths are part of your inner design, what are your weaknesses? And how are weaknesses eliminated?  Learning how to use your design-driven inner strengths properly is the key.

Stick with us this summer as we dig into the understanding and development of your inner strengths. There’s just no getting around it. Your whole life needs the Real You.


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