We're Glad You Are Here!

We are really happy you have chosen to be proactive in continuing your training in InnerKinetics®!  We hope you will continue to benefit from the availability of these training sessions for many years to come and that you will continue to hone your skills in helping others to become what they were designed to be and lead a life of fulfillment.

On this page, you will find each of the monthly training videos since we began the monthly meetings.  Some may be archived after 12 months or more, so if you do not find what you are looking forward, give us a call for more information.

Please keep in mind that these videos were produced live and are being presented unedited.  Therefore, the setting and form is very informal and technical difficulties that may have occurred are included.

If you are trying to access your other member content, please visit our Workshops & Online Learning page for a list of all paid content.

April 9, 2018 Continuing Education

March 12, 2018 Continuing Education

February 12, 2018 ICP/Continuing Education

February 6, 2018 ICP/Continuing Education

January 8, 2018 ICP/Continuing Education, Part 4 of 4

January 2018 ICP/Continuing Education, Part 3 of 4

December 11, 2017 ICP/Continuing Education, Part 2 of 4

December 5, 2017 ICP/Continuing Education, Part 1 of 4

November 2017 Continuing Education

October 2017 Continuing Education

September 2017 Continuing Education

May 2017 Continuing Education

March 2017 Continuing Education

February 2017 Continuing Education

January 2017 Continuing Education

December 2016 Continuing Education

November 2016 InnerKinetics Continuing Ed

September 2016 InnerKinetics Continuing Ed

May 2016 Associate Meeting

April 2016 InnerKinetics Associate Meeting

March 2016 InnerKinetics Associate Meeting

February 2016 Associate Meeting

January 2016 InnerKinetics Associate Meeting

December 2015 Associate Meeting

Communication in Relationships, Part 1: October 12, 2015

Communication in Relationships, Part 2: November 9, 2015

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