The InnerKinetics of Being “SJ”

InnerKinetics of Being SJ

In recent posts, we’ve described the Real You as a literal target we’ve each been uniquely designed to hit. In fact, the specific drives and strengths the Real You uses every day shape your pursuit of meaningful relationships and sense of fulfillment. Does the Real You think, feel and act “SP”? If so, that inner design is described in the links below. Or perhaps you’re an SJ? In today’s post, learn all you can about the InnerKinetics of being “SJ”.

Caution, Responsibility, Preparedness?

If your need to be cautious, responsible and prepared drives about 90% of your activities, you just might be an “SJ.” Regardless of whether your InnerKinetics® is SP, SJ, NT, or NF, the Real You is an amazing, strengths-driven person.

Take this quick assessment to find out which strengths are driving you.

After you complete it, record the 4-letter result you got from your assessment. Did you have an S and a J? If so, that would mean your core design is “SJ.” And therefore, your need to be responsible and reliable is an incredibly important need for you to pursue.


Being “SJ”

In his book, “InnerKinetics of Type,” Dr. Ray Lincoln describes the “Real You – SJ” as a person who is driven to create structure and security for themselves and their community.  Therefore, as often as possible, they’re responsible, reliable, planned and prepared.  And their heart for service is unmatched. Furthermore, they strive to create a community that works together for a common good. Could I be describing some of what makes you tick?  Here’s even more based on your SJ type and what it looks like to be “SJ”.



As natural-born supervisors and leaders, ESTJs operate with intense purpose. It follows then that they  focus on knowing where they are in relation to their goals and what needs attention. Accordingly, they have a passion for order that’s applied both to the workplace and to their family life. ESTJs expect and maintain respect and good manners. They honor traditions. ESTJs are realistic problem solvers, reliable organizers and decisive leaders.



ESFJs have a universal appeal in the real world. Known for their genuine sympathy, cooperative attitudes and unrelenting desire to be of service to those in need, they tend to be popular with outgoing personalities. Like all SJs, they strive to do their duty and act responsibly. However, they possess a  particular gift for finding the best ways to be loyal supporters. They’ll focus intensely on activities that directly affect the lives of others.



Super dependable, ISTJs are loyal. As a result, their dedication to duty is second to none. What’s more, their feet are solidly planted in a practical world where they are decisive and 100% reliable. Rather than occupying the center of attention, ISTJs prefer to be dependable guardians of all that’s legal, moral, right and fair. Perhaps the most serious of the SJs, they’re known for their inspection of the details. Nothing escapes their scrutiny. While they’re patient with procedures and rules, they are not always patient with others. Show your appreciation for their loyal efforts and they’ll be vigilant supporters of all the right things that need to be done.



ISFJs are bent on protecting the rights and needs of all others. Their fierce protection of the safety and security of others is admirable. So it follows that they keep a vigilant look out for those who can’t fend for themselves or who are treated unfairly. They teach doing the right thing and endeavor to model it for all. People’s feelings and concerns touch them deeply and gain their attention. ISFJs are loyal, patient and considerate caretakers.


In conclusion, those with an SJ inner design are the pillars of our society. Their right use of control is a required expertise and the only way to keep the demon of negative stress at bay. They can either use control to ensure the right things happen or SJs can misuse control and leave a wake of damage.


An SJ’s Stress Is Easy to Find

“Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.
Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
~Matthew 6:34

It’s the perfect mantra for any SJ, who’s hard-wired to get out in front of potential obstacles to their success. Avoiding trouble and following solid plans is a good and God-given drive that all SJs should follow. But SJs must not get too focused on what can go wrong. Otherwise, they’re borrowing the very trouble they’re trying to avoid. This is especially true if they’re focused on details that aren’t even within their control. That’s just plain stressful.

Although stress is easy to find, they can successfully managed it — just as long as they do manage it in an SJ’s way.

Come back next week and we’ll break down how each of the four SJ designs manage stress in a controlled, responsible way.

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