If you’re going to fall, better fall up

Positive personal change can feel pretty disorienting. In fact, big changes that reshuffle your priorities, methods, and relationships can even feel like a free fall. Ever experienced this sensation? Even trying to restore aspects of yourself back to their original “settings” can leave you stumbling to regain your footing. But if you’re going to fall, it’s better to fall up, not down. Fix your focus on where you want to be after change is accomplished. No matter how long it takes to adjust, positive change is always worth it.


Change requires adjustment.

As I’m writing this post, it’s actually the official first day of fall! It seems like the perfect opportunity to think about seasons, change, and the very best way to fall, if you’re going to. We all do at times, especially when changes require you to adjust. In a previous post, I shared with you what happened when I restored a step in my home to its original position. I literally fell up the step. I simply wasn’t used to things being set right. Have you noticed that it often works this way in our personal lives too?

Change always requires an adjustment period. If we change our thinking, it results in a change in our behavior. A change in our behavior can then cause a ripple effect in other areas. Perhaps it creates a change in other peoples’ reactions to you. Even good changes can make you feel unclear on how to move forward. Regardless of the adjustments you have to make because you’ve made positive changes, press ahead! It’s far better to fall upwards into a higher level of the Real You. I suggest it’s the very best way to fall.


Better fall up, not down.

Consider this common experience shared by many:

If by design, you’re an “NF” you’re naturally driven to aim higher than others say is realistic. But somewhere early on in life, you began to lower your expectations because you grew tired of being disappointed in your results. The results you got were “OK.” But maybe they often fell short of what you wanted, so you tried aiming lower.

But then, after learning more about yourself, you came to understand that this important feature of the Real You is an essential part of your becoming all that you can be.  Aiming high, missing the mark, but getting results that go beyond what you would accomplish without aiming high the way you are compelled to operate. So, you decided to embrace that natural drive once again. You gave yourself permission to aim high, miss the mark and re-set the bar even higher for the next attempt. This is change that can feel really big. It can even result in your having to take the time to re-learn perseverance and re-define success versus failure.

You can stumble or fall. But it’s a fall UP, not down.

The experience I shared above is certainly part of my story and that of countless others who have learned more about their “NF” design. Similar experiences are shared over and over by those of you with other designs. It doesn’t matter which inner design you are created to use. You’ll always need to restore your use of design-driven inner strengths back to their intended settings when things get off track.

You need never let the fear of change or a loss of footing stand in your way of what the Real You can accomplish.

You’ve got this. And the team at InnerKinetics is here for you. Check out these resources:

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