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While solving problems, have you noticed how often thought leaders, self-help gurus, and other friendly advisors are telling you WHAT to think? They can’t help it really. We all have a specific lens through which we’re looking at life and all of its challenges. And maybe they’ve found a solution to a common problem that works for you. But often, we try to apply all the information we’re given exactly the same way the advisor did.  However, we don’t get the same positive results. What happened?! Why does good advice fail you sometimes? Following it worked for others. Why didn’t it work for you?! Let’s consider that for a moment. Maybe there’s another step that comes first. Before following that good advice or deciding WHAT to think, try learning more about HOW you think.


Want to make “good advice” work for you?

We’ve been talking about how you can create an extraordinary life and live out your uncommon purpose. There’s only ONE you. So creating your most productive and fulfilling life becomes a high priority. It’s through your God-given inner design that you discover just how extraordinary you really are. And even the filter by which you can evaluate seemingly good advice is a result of this design.

Consider how you think, what’s motivating you, how you view opportunities. These things are better understood when you learn how your inner design affects your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Take Heather as an example:


Heather (one of my coaching clients, but not her real name) is what we call an “SP.” Her inner design (or InnerKinetics®) is operating with tactical intelligence. This means that every opportunity that comes to her is examined for its relevance to her present set of desires and goals.

She had identified that depressed, negative feelings were consuming her and that it was time to maximize her enjoyment within her weekly routine. This is a goal from which all healthy “SPs” will benefit greatly. With this in mind, it became necessary for her to examine activities and habits. Were any of these working against her ability to find joy in her day and her routines?

Her husband had seen a new show on Netflix all about how to tidy up your home. He found it so useful and informative, he suggested it as a great way to kill an hour over the weekend. BAM! Heather was entertained, but that wasn’t what captivated her attention. The show was all about how to unclutter a room or a whole home that was stacked floor to ceiling with decades of stuff. It was a different take on organizing your material possessions.

Suddenly, the specific way she thinks took over and every area of Heather’s busy life was getting uncluttered. Physical clutter in her home, unnecessary clutter in her daily routine, and even clutter in her thoughts were tackled with the simple guide of whether or not it “sparked joy.” How cool is that? Examining an idea based on its RELEVANCE to her present goal of finding more enjoyment in her day became the solution to her problem.



How you think matters.

You see, the example of Heather above reveals HOW her specific type of thinking served as a filter for the plethora of good or great advice out there.  She recognized the connection between a show on tidying up her linen closet and uncluttering her time to increase enjoyment from her life (the actual solution she needed).

Her husband, (an “SJ”) uses logistical intelligence as his filter. That’s very different from Heather’s thinking. Logistics is the intelligence that makes sure everything is where it’s supposed to be at the right time, in the right quantity, and in some sort of orderly arrangement. He saw the advice on tidying up as an informative review of how to stay organized. It was helpful in reducing messy clutter in your home — something he’s already naturally inclined to do and want — PLUS, how to fold that elusive fitted sheet!

He didn’t recognize the connection Heather was making between uncluttering her mind and her time and maximizing her enjoyment from life.  However, he sure enjoyed the fact that his wife had taken concrete steps to enjoy her time more and not stress about the less enjoyable things that can creep up on her time. He got a happier wife with an uncluttered mind.


Since there’s only ONE you.

Your uncommon purpose matched with the inner resources required for success is all unlocked when you know your inner design. Save your time and energy by passing good advice through a reliable filter that informs you of HOW you think, rather than exactly WHAT to think.

Be uncommon and extraordinary by taking these steps. Be the Real You.

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