Must Have Emotions for the Real You

Did you know? Emotions are influencing every thought and action you take. They are crazy powerful! So, for those of you leveling up your EQ, welcome to Week #2 in our study of the book, Intelligently Emotional!  We’ll discover a little more about how this works.  We began last week with a focus on the life-changing power of emotions. I don’t know about you, but I can see how much I’ve under-appreciated the ways emotions have shaped my life. And as you’ll soon see, there are some must-have emotions that the Real You absolutely depends upon.


Emotions don’t just drive your motivations. They drive decisions, too.

After determining your inner design (your InnerKinetics®), you soon discover you are either a “T” or an “F.” To summarize what this means, Ts prefer to line up the facts and limit their emotions’ influence on their decisions. By comparison, Fs prefer to line up the facts and actively review their emotions before making these decisions. Regardless of which direction you lean when making your decisions, emotions are influencing these decisions. Clearly, they must be intelligent, positive emotions if your decisions are going to support the Real You. “The Real You” is the forward-focused, very best version of you. The Real You has an amazing purpose-filled life to live!


Emotions can last a lifetime. Better “level up” when necessary.

Chapter Two in Intelligently Emotional reveals just how difficult it is to define emotions. And although they might be mysterious, they can still be chosen. It’s time we all learn to “level up” emotions that are driving us into the future.

Emotions can last a long time and transform into moods and attitudes that may become part of your permanent lifestyle. They may create, for example, a perfectionist. Or other emotions may create a pessimist. On the other hand, emotions may also last for only a few days or hours. However, they can affect all other emotions and events during those days and hours. Emotions redirect our purposes in life, our relationships, beliefs, values, and to a large extent, they control our focus. All this begs the question, “What DON’T emotions affect?


Here are some must-have emotions…

Our book study reveals that emotions can live long lives. Love, grief, hate, and anger are well-known examples. When destructive emotions remain, we lose our freedom to be who we really are and to live rewarding lives.  By contrast, when uplifting emotions, like love, remain for a long time, we become more loving and kind.

Here’s what we can learn from this: We can identify the emotions we want to characterize our lives and use their tenacity to build the future we want to live in.

“Must-have” emotions for the Real You must be positive, uplifting, and focused on good purposes. Here are just a few such emotions you can choose to focus upon:

  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Gratitude
  • Interest
  • Satisfaction
  • Inspiration


You can learn to master your emotions.

We’ve just begun a 6-week book study designed to dramatically level up your emotional intelligence (“your EQ”). We hope to see you inside the pages of this essential read.

To join us, just follow the directions at the end of this post. When you subscribe to the study, you will receive the information from the beginning, so you can start at any time without worry about being behind.  AND you can progress at your own pace.  You can read ahead or take it slower.  You are in control.  Here’s a summary of our weekly reading plan:

Part 1: Understanding Emotions

  • Week 1, Chapter 1
  • Week 2, Chapter 2
  • Week 3, Chapter 3

Part 2: Emotional Intelligence per Temperament

  • Week 4, Chapters 4- 5

Part 3: The Intelligently Emotional Lifestyle

  • Week 5, Chapters 6- 7
  • Week 6, Chapters 8-11


Here’s everything you need to do to join us:

  1. Make sure you know your InnerKinetics. A simple assessment will provide the answers you’ll need as we study how to become intelligently emotional.  Just click that orange button to complete the assessment and get the results immediately on the screen.  You’ll want to take a screenshot or record the results so you can refer back to them as you progress through the study.
  2. Grab your copy of the bookIntelligently Emotional by Ray W. Lincoln.
  3. Be sure you are subscribed to our weekly updates, which often contain coupon codes for discounts on books and events as well as bringing the latest articles right to your Inbox.
  4. To receive all the study materials as well as a coupon code for a discount on Intelligently Emotional and free shipping — all right in your Inbox — click the pretty red button!     


See you next week!


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