Do you use personal responsibility as an asset or a liability?

personal responsibility

Do you long to be known as someone who can be depended upon? Is trustworthiness at the root of all your closest relationships? All of us must accept personal responsibility for our choices and actions. But some of us possess this clarion call to be responsible and reliable deep within our bones. If this is you, it’s essential that you develop this strength into the major asset it’s meant to be. Do this and you’ll protect and serve like no one else can. Fail to develop it, and your very best efforts at helping others can turn into a liability that holds you back. Learn more about how to activate your strength of being responsible and set a standard upon which others can rely.


Your personal responsibility can create either security or strife.

Most of us have experienced the costs of NOT taking enough responsibility when we should. But what about the flip side? Is it possible to overdo it? In short, yes. What’s more, if you possess the “SJ” inner design , misusing this strength can create a major liability in your life.  Let’s break it down.


Regardless of our inner design, we all must take personal responsibility for ourselves. Otherwise, we are choosing to be “irresponsible.” But if you possess the inner strength of being responsible and reliable, MISUSE can also prevent you from your sense of fulfillment and purpose. It then becomes a weakness. Consider these common forms of misuse:

  • NON-USE: Don’t take responsibility at all, and you find yourself busy looking to blame others for negative outcomes. This generates a sense of shame and guilt that an “SJ” finds very difficult to shake. Dependability is lost and a solid work ethic disappears too. It also robs others of the security and stability you create when being responsible in the right ways.
  • OVERUSE: Try taking responsibility for circumstances or people that are NOT within your control and the result is a controlling person who creates strife in relationships around them. SJs desire unity and organization – the very opposite result than a controlling person can create.
  • MISUSE: Judging others, more than simply holding people to the demands of a responsible work ethic, can result from misusing this strength. Judgment condemns others and that spawns anger. It seems to be another guaranteed way to create strife.



If not responsible and reliable, then what? This strength makes an SJ indispensable. They bless society with their careful attention to its needs: safety, security, peace, order, laws, and togetherness. We have the SJs to thank for most of the positive benefits of living within a society. It’s their support, nurture and solid work ethic that create a solid framework for others to participate in and contribute to.

Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the U.S., captures the spirit of being responsible this way: “My country owes me nothing. It gave me, as it gives every boy and girl, a chance.”


Are you an SJ?


  • BELIEVE IN IT’S IMPORTANCE: Responsibility starts with the inner drive to be responsible. It’s developed by strengthening your belief in the need for it. Avoid falling victim to the challenges of our age to “look after number one” (a very subtle virus that weakens dependability).
  • BE TRUSTWORTHY & RELIABLE: Search your plans to succeed at whatever is your goal and see that at all stages you’re being as trustworthy as you can be. This lays a foundation of integrity to your plans that will pay you back and keep you from self sabotage.
  • MODEL IT: Teach responsibility to others in your life. But don’t try to control them and produce it by force. No one likes to be controlled. Let them learn from consequences and the example you model.


Please leave your fingerprints!

Some say that the world would cease to spin properly on the correct axis without the tenacious dependability of SJs. Just consider the legacy of famous SJs like the Rev. Billy Graham, Queen Elizabeth II, or George Washington! They have used their sense of responsibility and duty to ensure that important traditions and principles were upheld. Even difficult changes that came at great personal cost were seen through to their necessary end by these world changers. Their fingerprints remain a permanent mark on the world we live in. Their example of a servant leader is unmistakable. 

It’s time to leave some fingerprints of your own! You’ve been designed from the inside out with signature strengths. Correctly use them with a belief in their importance and make your indelible mark on the world. Activate your strengths and the fingerprints you leave behind serve as proof that others can do it too.

  • Is being responsible and dependable among your signature inner strengths?
  • Will you activate your personal RESPONSIBILITY to be a pillar of security for others?
    To be the best SJ you can be, you must lean heavily on your sense of duty and entrench rules and regulations into the world around you. Learn the simple formula to developing and releasing the power of this strength in Chapter 13 of this must-have resource: INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness


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