What Will You Do When Goal Achievement Is Elusive?

Maze to goal achievement

So you’ve been struggling with feeling satisfied and fulfilled with your life. You’ve finally (and wisely) decided to get someone — a life coach or success coach — to guide you through the maze to reach your goal. After all, you are worth that expenditure. (In that, you are very much correct!). However, after several sessions you are wondering when you will start to see results. You’ve heard much of his advice before and read it in many of the books you sought help from before engaging him. Why is it that you are finding your goal achievement to be so difficult.

Can I Do Anything — Anything At All?

When I was young, I was told I could do anything I wanted to with my life. They didn’t lie, but they did deceive me. “Can I do anything?” is the wrong question to ask. Some use this question to avoid facing the tough task of defining their goals of success. The belief that you can do “anything” can lead to doing “anything.” “Just follow your desires,” is the in-fashion cry. However, to reach your potential you must do the homework and consult more than your desires because, when misunderstood, they can seriously deceive you.

The wrong question means you will get the wrong answer. Yes, of course, you can do anything you want. However, that’s not the answer that will lead you to personal success. What if you want to do something for which you are not gifted? Will you be able to do it? Probably, but not to the same degree of success as someone who is truly gifted to accomplish that goal. And your lack of maximum success will lead to a lack of fulfillment and contentment. Why would you want to fashion your life around something for which you are not designed to excel?

So Your Goal Achievement Questions Should Be:

What’s inside me?
What am I built for?
In what direction does my greatest potential lie?
Would the real me please stand up?”

Your Next Step Toward Goal Achievement

Where you seek the answers to those four questions is very important. The answers must come from within you, not from someone else. Only you can verify who you really are and who you really are is the key to what you should do or be.

There is a tool that can help you to examine yourself in a way that will lead to the discovery of the real you. The tool simply asks you a number of questions from which you will choose answer A or B (which are answers that represent opposite poles of preference). There are only “right” answers because your preferences are yours and what you prefer is the right answer. Answer the questions as though what you prefer is all that matters — NOT how you must answer in a structured situation such as work or school, or even family gatherings where you may need to take preferences of others into consideration. These choices should be entirely your own. You can access such an assessment by clicking the button below. It will lead you to the InnerKinetics® Adult Temperament Key.

Who Are You at Your “Core”?

When you have completed it, you will see your results, based on your answers, displayed on the screen. If you have answered the questions as instructed, the four-letter combination will identify your type and the two-letter combination of letters will identify your temperament.

It is your two-letter identity that is most important. This is the core of who you really are. Those two letters identify a wealth of information about you that defines why you think and act the way you do. So, you’re probably wondering how two letters can tell that much. That’s fair. But as you continue, you’ll discover all the meaning that those two letters possess.

What Your Coach Is NOT Telling You

Back to that coach you hired. Why were you not seeing results? What was missing?

How well does your coach know you? Did he have you complete the Temperament Key? Does he or she know how to “interpret” its results?

The coaches who can truly help their clients will know you pretty well before they ever meet you IF they understand temperament and have asked you to complete the Temperament Key before your first visit. That coach will understand who you really are — probably even better than you understand yourself at that point. Those who do not understand temperament will not “know you” and will simply listen to you rehashing your failures and then direct you with “tried and true” methods that are said to bring to success to anyone who consistently follows the pattern. He isn’t telling you how to discover your true self and your strengths that will not only guide you but will fuel your journey to goal achievement and real fulfillment.

The problem is that those patterns worked for some because they were suited to their temperament. Everyone does not walk the same path — at least not with success — because each of us is different.

Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

Choose the right coach to help you when the path is hazy — one who understands who you really are and can help you do the same.

Then set your goals according to who you really are and find success and real fulfillment in doing what you are designed to do.

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