Ensure your determination leads to answers, not obstacles.


Does your determination and a strong will help you discover answers? Is your strong will ever mistaken for stubbornness? It’s a line that’s easy to cross. After all, determination is a powerful mix of mental decision, fierce focus, and emotional commitment. You can’t meet your most important goals without it. But if determination and a strong will is part of your inner design, it takes on a role that’s altogether more essential to your success. Is determination one of your design-driven strengths?  Activate this inner strength and watch your creative strategies result in the very best solutions available.


Your determination can result in important discoveries or unforeseen obstacles.

A determined, unbending will has great chance of success. In fact, some of history’s most important discoveries were the result of a relentless will to succeed. But what if you misuse determination?  For example, you allow this strength to be weakened when encountering opposition. Or,  you become so determined not to veer from your path that you miss important adjustments along the way. Do you know how to correct this misuse and flip the strength of determination back to its real power? 

In the face of opposition, some people choose to strengthen their resolve and move forward with even more determination. In contrast, others choose a more combative response. But if their fight becomes more focused on the opposition (rather than meeting their goals), clear roadblocks to success begin to form.

Furthermore, if you possess the “NT” inner design , a strong will and determination is one of your inner strengths. Most importantly, misusing your determination can lead you into a special kind of trouble. Using it correctly leads to new strategies, creative solutions and important discoveries.



NTs display their determination in combination with a calm control of their emotions. “NTs” who live in their strengths can avoid the damaging and misguided weakness called, “stubbornness.” Avoid the following misuses of your strong will and determined approach:

  • NOT USING DETERMINATION: As an NT, a weak will is nothing like the Real You.  In stark contrast, willpower sustains an NT’s strong intellectual drive to succeed. Set clear goals. Use your calm, cool, and collected determination to meet them.
  • OVERUSING DETERMINATION: Relationships become battlegrounds when people become entrenched in their own opinions (a.k.a. stubbornness). What’s worse, it can become a mental block in any project. Maintain the integrity of your determination. Stay objective and open to the opinions of others.
  • MISUSING DETERMINATION: A strong will can be misused if it’s distorted to some selfish or damaging purpose. Keep your emotions in check and under control as you set your course for discovering answers and creative solutions.


Are you a strong-willed NT?


  • KEEP YOUR FOCUS: Focus intensely on your idea or task. Let nothing divert you from a worthy goal you’ve set.
  • LET YOUR CURIOSITY LEAD YOU: With a focus on finding better ways to achieve important tasks, let your curiosity pave the way for discovery.
  • KEEP YOUR EMOTIONS IN CHECK: Calm is the emotion that fuels the right use of all your NT inner strengths, including your determination.


It’s time to leave your fingerprints!

In summary, you’ve been designed with signature strengths. Correctly use them with a belief in their importance and make your indelible mark on the world. Activate your strengths and the fingerprints you leave behind serve as proof that others can do it too.

Consider the lasting work of Thomas Edison or Abraham Lincoln. Their determination and unbending will to succeed left permanent fingerprints on the world we know.

  • Is being strong-willed and determined among your signature inner strengths?
  • Be the best NT you can be. Lean heavily on your curiosity and your focus. Learn the simple formula to developing and releasing the power of this strength in Chapter 14 of this must-have resource: INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness

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