Your Need for Action Can Solve Important Problems

Does your spontaneity and need for action ever get you into trouble? Or are you the one people come to for real-time help with their problems? You’ve probably noticed that your answers depend on how well you’re relating to the way you’ve been designed to function. If you thrive on situations where the outcome is unknown, activate this inner strength and solve important problems.


Count the cost.  Then, solve important problems.

Impulse is a risk. It’s also the beginning of creativity and creative problem solving. Some would rather live with routines and approach risk-taking with caution. But for any of us, spontaneity can lead to progress and new-found freedom. What’s more, if you possess the “SP” inner design, your need for action and spontaneity are an essential component of your fulfilling, productive life. One American author put it like this:

“All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous, unpremeditated act without
the benefit of experience.”

Spontaneity is a creative strength. It must be understood and valued, regardless of whether it’s an innate strength of your inner design. If you’re a spontaneous “SP,” .  You MUST know how to be spontaneous and impulsive without destroying important relationships or, perhaps worse, you make mistakes you can’t bounce back from. Develop this strength and its affects are quite different than the spontaneity of someone who doesn’t share this design.

If you’re not an “SP,” .  You still need to understand the value of your design and its role in a life of freedom and joy. The odds of someone sharing daily life with an SP are very high. If you are one of those lucky ones who is sharing such a life and you don’t understand this gift of spontaneous, impulsive action, you might judge it as dangerous. This will only lead to disconnection and damage in your important relationships. Rather than lamenting the spontaneous risk-taker in your life, help them develop this essential inner strength that will lead to their sense of joy and happiness.

There’s far more help than I can mention in this post. But . . .


  1. BE AWARE: Become aware of your use of spontaneity. If you don’t know when you’re using it, you can’t develop it.
  2. COUNT THE COST: Act first in your mind. See things and react in your mind. As events unfold, check the results. Was your move effective or ineffective? This way you risk nothing, but you practiced just as effectively as being spontaneous in the real world. Remember, spontaneity is not a substitute for reason. Sharpening your reasoning abilities will benefit this inner strength.
  3. BE POSITIVE: Fear will kill effective spontaneity. Remain positive and avoid the negative forces that result in a fear-filled mindset.


Please leave your fingerprints!

Many famous artists, politicians, and athletes share the inner strength of spontaneity and need for action. Two of the most impactful people in world history are Winston Churchill and President Theodore Roosevelt. Throughout their life stories, you can see how their need for action and spontaneous risk-taking empowered them. They used that inner strength to creatively solve important problems and the world was unmistakably impacted. Their risks resulted in failures, as well as major victories. Their fingerprints were visible on culture, world politics, and the outcomes of major wars.

It’s time to leave some fingerprints of your own! You’ve been designed from the inside out with signature strengths. Correctly use them with faith in their value and make your indelible mark on the world. Activate your strengths and the fingerprints you leave behind will serve as proof that others can do it too.

  • Are spontaneity and the need for action among your signature inner strengths?
  • Will you activate your SPONTANEITY to solve important problems?
    To be the best SP you can be, you must lean heavily on your spontaneity and guard its freedom. Learn the simple formula for developing and releasing the power of this strength in Chapter 12 of this must-have resource: INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness

Next week: Are you “Responsible” and reliable without over-doing it? Is it even possible to overdo it? Activate this inner strength and watch just how fast positive change takes over.

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