Is Tolerance All It Is Thought To Be?  Is There Something Better?

True tolerance includes a diversity of views, interaction and working together for a common purpose in spite of the differences.

(This article is in two parts and each will support the other).

We are being told the world needs to be tolerant of all beliefs and all opinions.  Postmodernism’s claim that their beliefs produce a higher level of tolerance is patently false.  

Tolerance of All Leads to World Peace — Really?

First, the culture’s intolerance of all who disagree with them blows to pieces their claim that tolerance is the way to world peace.  The intolerance of those who claim to be tolerant has loaded the world with disrespect, hate, and even violence.  Are these secrets that engender peace?   

All or None Tolerance?  Crooked!

This “tolerant “ way of thinking and acting has even gone to the extent of declaring all those who don’t belong to their groups and belief systems as deserving of everyone’s rejection.    Please remember, crooked thinking is always characterized by declaring all people who are “labeled” as intolerant, intolerant.  Tolerance never was, but apparently now is, sweepingly judgmental of all who share a label they despise.  A basket may have a rotten apple in it, but it is absurdly illogical to therefore declare all the apples in the basket as rotten.  This kind of thinking is crooked because it pays no attention to the good among the not so good, or the kindness that can exist in a despised group.  

What Happened to Right and Wrong with Tolerance of All?

A sweeping demand for tolerance of all beliefs also declares and insists that all beliefs are good and healthy for all people.  Should we tolerate beliefs that prove themselves to be unhealthy?  The world has never experienced all its beliefs to be healthy.   In fact, all humans are imperfect even in their thinking.  So are we going to eliminate that human fact in order to be able to tolerate all beliefs as healthy for humankind?  

 Above Critique and Criticism?  

Postmodernism values multiple opinions and an expert’s opinion is a thing of the past.  Therefore, we are left with tolerance of all opinions.  Does that mean all opinions are above criticism?  And are all people refused the right to critique the beliefs of others that they see are damaging people?  The world cannot live at peace without stated concepts of what is right and wrong.  We can’t even drive safely down the road without rules declaring what is right and wrong.  

Tolerance of all opinions is a twisted way to think.  It is also impossible and leads to conflict or a mindless race of people.  Is there something wrong with the idea of tolerance?  Or is it a fact that in the wrong hands, tolerance is self-serving and a thoughtless way of thinking that leads to the opposite form of behavior?  

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Weekly Help for Your Mind/Brain

This weekly addition to my articles provides practical guidance for the application of commonly known facts about brain health.  

Water!  It’s not such a simple issue.  I will leave you to your own solutions, but here are some facts to consider.  

  1. Water is a basic necessity of life and we need lots of it.  We can’t live or live healthy lives without it.  
  2. We can’t assume that city tap water is totally devoid of contaminants that are damaging to us, regardless of its claims at times.  
  3. It is common knowledge that water in the streams (even mountain streams) is usually contaminated with a dangerous parasite, Giardia lamblia, among other contaminants — sad!
  4. We know that filtered water, although obtainable without traces of contaminants, in most cases lacks the healthy minerals that we need.  
  5. Some water is obviously far better than none.  
  6. A cup of coffee or tea, of which water is the main ingredient, is also a source of healthy antioxidants, among other health needs.   They are diuretics, which is not all bad since a diuretic, in some cases, is prescribed for certain unhealthy conditions.  These beverages can also contribute to some of our other health needs.  

Water is an absolute necessity for the health of every cell in the body.  So, whatever you decide as to the source of your water, don’t cheat yourself of its life-giving benefits.  Do the best you can to choose the best water, and drink up!

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