Will Your Kindness Go Viral This Christmas?

Your Kindness

In a previous post, we asked you to consider exactly what you’re spreading to others right now. Are you going viral with your God-given, design-driven inner strengths? Or are you spreading self-made weaknesses instead? If you’re unsure of your answer, you’ll find today’s article helpful. We’re unwrapping a gift just in time for you and everyone on your shopping list. Let’s talk about how to develop your kindness and make it go viral.


Your Kindness Versus My Kindness

Last week, we asked you what you were spreading around lately – the results of your design-driven strengths OR your self-made weaknesses? Suffice to say, no one wants to get slimed by your weaknesses.  So if you haven’t considered how to spread around the positive effects of you living from your strengths, check it out here. But today, we want to get into some detail about how to develop these strengths that are good for you and everyone around you, using the example of kindness. Because there’s a difference between your brand of kindness and mine.

Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~ Mark Twain

Kindness is a virtue that everyone generally recognizes as an essential tool for all good humans. It expresses love practically and effectively. I think it goes without saying that everyone could use more kindness in their everyday lives – especially now. But did you know there’s a significant difference between your kindness and mine? In fact, we each have a unique expression of kindness. When given to others, your kindhearted actions take on a one-of-a-kind quality that others cannot replicate. After all, there’s only one you. But there’s yet another important distinction between the kindness everyone can choose and the inner strength of kindness. So, if you plan to go viral with your kindness over the holidays, you’ll need to know which kind of kindness you naturally spread.


The Kindhearted “NF” Auto-Mode

All people can be kind, but some are noted for it. If you’ve taken the InnerKinetics assessment, you have no doubt confirmed whether you share the core inner design of an NF or you share one of the other 3 core inner designs – SJ, SP or NT. With which inner design do you operate? 

With the understanding of inner design, you can differentiate the SJ’s kindness as helpfulness, the SP’s kindness as generosity, the NT’s kind determination to solve important problems for others, and the NF’s touching attempts at creating a more loving world. Kindheartedness is actually one of the NF’s essential inner strengths. When they use it, it not only serves the recipient, but also serves them. In fact, being kind is one of the fastest tracks to an NF’s healthy self-image.  And no one can actually be healthy overall without a healthy self-image.

In the NF, opportunities for being kind are often found where others wouldn’t see them. Thus, it takes on an extra bit of “personal flare.” A compelling need to do all they can to show kindness can take over the NF before they realize it – making kindness an NF’s “auto-mode.” If you’re an NF, you may recognize that you don’t even feel like yourself if you’re not acting on chances to show kindness and compassion to others. For most NF’s, only anger or hurt can squelch this automatic inner drive to be kind-hearted. You see, kindness and anger can be opposites, and they can’t occupy the same mind-space at the same time. But the simplest act like smiling at a stranger can reignite its powerful effects.


Every kind of kindness is worth spreading.

Because of its contagious nature, even the simplest kind-hearted acts have been known to change the course of world history, let alone your immediate circumstances. And kindness comes in forms too numerous to count, because we each have our own brand of it. NFs’ auto-mode is kind. SJs are kind with their help. SPs are kind through their generosity. And NTs are kind through their creative problem-solving. So regardless of your brand, your kindness is a gift you can give anyone, anywhere. Develop this inner strength and GO VIRAL WITH IT this Christmas season!

Here are 4 tips for spreading your kindness based on your inner design (your InnerKinetics®)

  • NF: Believe in the power to change both society and others with your simple acts of kindness.
  • SJ: Nurture your care for others through small, caring deeds for friends, family, and strangers.
  • SP: Since kindness is love in action, make sure your actions reflect your generous nature.
  • NT: Think outside the box. Bring together ideas that haven’t been previously associated to find new solutions to important problems that plague those around you.


Many more tips are discovered in the InnerKinetics resources listed below.


Go viral with only the good stuff!

Want to learn more about the inner strength of kindness or how to develop all of your unique inner strengths? Start Here.

  • Take the free assessment to determine your inner design.
  • Based on the results of your InnerKinetics Assessment, learn more about the strengths unique to your inner design. Grab a copy of INNERKINETICS or one of the design-specific Kindle books that can educate you about your specific design and how you uniquely express the inner strengths that belong to that design.
    SJ: The Real You – SJ
    SP: The Real You – SP
    NT: The Real You – NT
    NF: The Real You – NF
  • And tune in for more as we take each of the four core inner designs one at a time and break down how to spread the cure for self-made weaknesses.
  • If you’d like some assistance, you can request a consultation and an InnerKinetics consultant will call you to answer questions and schedule your meeting. Schedule an Initial Consultation.


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