Finders Keepers – Lasting motivation is the only path to real change

Businessman pressing a Change concept button.

How badly do you want the positive change you seek? And what are you willing to do to get it? From the inside out, we’re each designed to go for “more” – more success, more of a sense of fulfillment from the way we spend time. So this new year, will you achieve the change that leads to more of the good stuff you’re looking for? The answer is 50/50 for most of us because it depends on how strong our motivations are. You’ll need lasting motivation that sustains you through all the excuses you’re going to give yourself.

So, can you go beyond the places you’ve stopped yourself in the past?  You’ll need motivation with staying power. Do you know how to get that? Lasting motivation is for Finders and Keepers.

The right motivation is positive. It’s born from the innate drives of your inner design and it grows because you choose to keep finding it. After all, we go where we’re focused. And we tend to find what we’re looking for. If you’d like to be both a finder and a keeper of lasting motivation, complete step 1 and come back with some important information you’ll need. Are you an SP? An SJ? Or are you an NT or NF?

Lasting motivation is found when following your inner design.

Here’s step 1: Discover your inner design. Complete this simple assessment that captures your preferences, innate drives, and inner strengths.

Your inner design (or InnerKinetics) reveals exactly how lasting motivation is found and kept. Once you know this, you’re almost there! Become a Finder and a Keeper of lasting motivation.

More on step 2 next week.

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