It’s your life and your business or career.  Therefore, accept only the best.  Seek the advantage only InnerKinetics provides to all their clients: the application of real understanding.  When you learn your temperament and your type, you haven’t really advantaged yourself until you apply the understanding of all the information those letters provide.  That’s where our licensed InnerKinetics consultants come in.

Our consultants have each been through many hours of training personally with our founder, Ray W.  Lincoln.  There is no better trainer than the one “who wrote the book.”  Furthermore, not only have they trained before receiving their license, but they are committed to continuing their quest for knowledge.  Each has enrolled in our continuing education program as well as training further with the founder on a regular basis.

Whether you are seeking advice that is foundational to your life and your success or seeking help for those you hold most dear, you want someone who really knows and understands who you are.  Our consultants will know a great deal about you as soon as you confirm to them your temperament and type.  They will not tell you who you are.  That is for you to tell them.  But once you tell them, they will know how to guide you to your goals using their knowledge and ability to apply InnerKinetics.

They find their fulfillment in helping others, so you can count on them to have a sincere interest in you and your goals.  While our consultants enjoy and prefer meeting with you in person, we realize that geography plays into the equation.   Our consultants can help you ‘virtually’ with your consent to ‘meet’ with them via electronic means whenever that is necessary.

Each consultant chooses their specialized use of InnerKinetics in their businesses.  Their specialties may include personal consultation, public speaking, workshop and seminar presentations, and more.  Some have other credentials and licenses that give them additional expertise.  Summaries of their focus areas and their contact information are listed below for your convenience.

Though many people have trained in Innerkinetics understanding, only the select few below have met our high requirements, committed to our InnerKinetics Code of Ethics, and trained to a level to be considered as candidates for licensing.  Each has interviewed with us and met additional requirements before they received their license as InnerKinetics consultants.  We confidently recommend them to you fully as qualified for your consideration.  When you seek someone to help you, these are your best resource.

Our licensed consultants own their own businesses and are independent of  InnerKinetics and Ray W. Lincoln & Associates.  They are not agents of InnerKinetics or Ray W. Lincoln & Associates and cannot enter into any agreement on behalf of InnerKinetics or Ray W. Lincoln & Associates.  As independent business owners themselves, they are solely responsible for their service to you as their client.  All arrangements for appointments and fees are particular to the consultant and must be made with the consultant.


Licensed InnerKinetics® Consultants

Stacey HornStacey Horn, LCSW, CHT

While Stacey possesses expertise in the areas of mental health and substance abuse, she has also dealt extensively with relationships, teaching communications for couples and individuals for years. Stacey describes her professional style as “Brief and Solution-Focused.” 

Since completing her training in InnerKinetics® in 2013, she has, with a new depth and energy, been successfully educating her clients about who they are on the inside.  Stacey is passionate about using InnerKinetics® in her life, her marriage, and her parenting, as well as bringing these amazing tools to her professional clients.  She is passionate about helping “helpers” — other professional healers, helpers, and mystics — to offer themselves the same level of compassion they offer other people by facilitating awareness that increases self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-compassion, thus freeing them to recognize and offer even more to their clients.

Stacey welcomes your questions and can be reached at 970-440-1324, and directly at  Her website is

Stacey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Hypnotherapist, who earned her Masters Degree in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. She has lived and practiced in Cleveland, Ohio and Phoenix,  AZ and has been in Eagle, Colorado since 2005.



Originally from Oklahoma, Janet now resides with her husband and three children in the Fort Collins-Windsor-Loveland area of Colorado.  As co-owner of Jett Development Group and owner of Firebranders Mentoring & Consulting, Janet combines a fresh perspective on today’s workplace challenges with her extensive experience in corporate marketing, brand communications, and business development.

Her extensive training in the many applications of InnerKinetics results in real-world solutions for problems her clients face both inside the office and at home.

Firebranders Mentoring & Consulting provides consulting solutions for:

  • Companies determined to deliver on promises to both employees and customers.
  • Individuals seeking to meet their full potential.
  • And families who want to build strong, healthy relationships.
Contact her at Firebranders Mentoring and Consulting
Phone: 970-219-1472  Email:



John coaches executives, executive teams, and organizations using the Transformational Leadership Pathway™.  Through this process, executives and their teams develop confidence in their relational skills with their board of directors, direct reports, and key clients.  With mastery, they become the highly productive and successful professionals they were intended to be.  John is the sole InnerKinetics® licensee at CTCI Group and, as such, brings this exceptional expertise to an already strong organization.

John lives on his ranch, southeast of Denver, CO and provides InnerKinetics® services worldwide through onsite workshops and virtual video conferencing sessions.

Contact him through his Executive Administrator, Melissa Nicholson, at +1 (800) 985-9433 x105 or through her email address at

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