Decision-Making Doesn’t Wait for the “J” Lifestyle

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What Is Dominant in the “J” Lifestyle?

Dominant in the lifestyle of the “J” temperament types is the feeling of urgency.  Let’s get it done now!  There is a fear of not getting things done and having the unfinished tasks back up, producing anxiety.  The need to achieve feeds this sense of urgency, a sense of pride in work accomplished, the treasured sense of relief when progress is made, and the strong desire to be on time (not further stressed by being late).


What About the Emotions of the “J”?

The “J” can easily overuse their drive for urgency, creating tension, high blood pressure, and other issues.  All of these raise the level of emotional strain.  We can easily see the emotions of the “J”.  Too much emotional pressure can drive the “J” prematurely to anger.  It is often the anger of a threatened lifestyle.  

The emotions of the “J” seem to surge in the direction of achievement and getting all the tasks of life done.  They find peace in the completion of all needed details.  However, this also means they only realize peace in a structured life where it takes its place alongside all the other urgent demands.   


How Does the “J” Differ from the “P”

The “J” and “P” lifestyles are exactly opposite.  Take a look at the “P” in Lifestyle Is a Part of Every Type.  Are you a “P”?

When these two lifestyles interact at the office or in an intimate relationship, real understanding is required for things to go smoothly.  Each must realize that the other also has a contribution to make to the relationship.  Therefore, each must appreciate the other and creatively adjust to the combination.  When both apply their individual strengths in the appropriate ways and appreciate their opposite for the contribution they can make, it is the best of all worlds.

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