Lifestyle Is a Part of Every Type. Are you a “P”?

Laid back lifestyle

What Rules the Lifestyle of a P?

Stress-reducing emotions rule the lifestyle of the P for the most part.  What can’t be done today will wait for the morrow.  However, when the impulse hits them, the adrenaline must flow as the compulsion of the moment is attended to.


What Fear Dominates the Lifestyle of a P?

Fear of making a wrong move is more dominant in the P lifestyle.  Therefore, when they make a decision, they can be plagued with the uncertainty that they may have made the wrong decision.  This disturbs the craving to go with the flow and enter a peaceful, happy mode of existence.


What Are the Other Emotions of the P Lifestyle?

Their relaxed mode tends to stimulate a host of pleasant feelings like calm optimism, the urge of pleasure, and the desire to play and enjoy.  The P in the different temperaments — SP, NT, and NF — will stir quite divergent interpretations of these emotions.  And in the NT, it will perhaps only ripple the surface of emotional calm.

Again, we cannot list the emotions of the P since, for them, any emotion can be called to the frontline of experience at any time.  It is all decided by the conditions of the moment.  What we do know of the P lifestyle is that their emotions all tend to flow in the direction of finding pleasure and calm.  And their emotions appear most often in the impulse of the moment

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