Forgiveness Begins with Listening to Ourselves

Listening to ourselves

Forgiving ourselves or others can be more difficult when we aren’t listening to ourselves. Inner voices talk to us all the time, telling us if we are well or hurting, happy or sad, positive or negative. Our needs are conveyed to us by these inner voices and when we don’t pay attention, we hinder our healing and our ability to forgive. We must begin by listening to ourselves.

Are we listening to ourselves?

What has your inner voice been telling you?  Has it been telling you that you need refreshment? A change? A feeling of security? A restoration of harmony? A little humility? Or perhaps, to pay closer attention to the needs of others? We forgive ourselves easiest when we are in a healthy mental and emotional state.   Therefore, we must begin the process of forgiveness by listening to ourselves.

Listening to ourselves means putting our own oxygen mask on first

The flight attendants have the right ideal. We can’t help others if we are not in a healthy state ourselves.  Start paying attention to your own needs, and you will find that hurts will heal faster. A healthy immune system in your spirit is essential to self-healing and self-forgiveness.

Get healthy! Focus on your strengths!

Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.  Focusing on your weaknesses will increase the difficulty you might be having with forgiveness.

Focus on the use and the building of your strengths and you will begin to feel the freedom of a positive world — the only world where healing is found.  Healing is never found in a negative mental or emotional world.

Learn more about your strengths

In your strengths are where the real YOU lives.  Employ them to do everything — especially the hard things, like forgiveness.  They make every endeavor easier.  If you haven’t already discovered them, here’s a little book that can help you discover and apply them — especially when you need to accomplish forgiveness: Break Free!

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