Stress Relief Strategy #2: Live by Design

Stress Relief Strategy #2

Have you ever tried to thrive in an environment where your basic spiritual and emotional needs are not met? How long did you make it?  It could have been a job that forced you to act contrary to your instincts. Or maybe it was a one-sided relationship with no mutual respect. Perhaps it was a living situation that drained your inner energies and provided no way to re-charge. Regardless of the circumstances, if you’re unable to operate according to the “factory settings” of your inner design, stress and breakdown is inevitable. Learn how to live by design and overcome the obstacles to your greatest potential.


What do you possess that takes you further?

Last week, we gave you our first strategy for relieving stress in your daily life. Did you give it a try once or twice? Becoming a “Give Thanks Expert” every day of the year is a clear path to not only relieving stress, but actively avoiding other negative forces like anxiety and fear. What’s more, we gave you 3 questions to ask yourself. Among them was this: What gifts and inner strengths do you possess that can take you further? I hope you view that question as anything but a limiting one. For anyone who wants more from their experience of life or feels a responsibility to make the most of their time, this is a very important question.

Since every one of us possess specific urges, drives and strengths that influence and shape us, it helps to consider our inner design as a highly advanced vehicle. It’s our inner design that reflects a specific way of thinking, feeling and acting. And it’s this design that reveals how we best “perform.”

Just as you’d expect a Tesla roadster’s design to perform well on a paved straightaway and get stuck in the deep ruts of a steep off-road trail, your inner design reveals the way you best function. It also reveals the way you will malfunction if you insist on living outside the known limits of your design.


Will you live by design or find yourself malfunctioning?

No one can fully appreciate the costs of living “off design.” But we do know, without doubt, those costs include stress, worry, fear and many other negative influences on our well-being.

For example, consider the anxiety of an introvert who isn’t strategic in getting alone to their thoughts when they are totally “done” being around other people. Or what about the damaging actions of an extrovert who doesn’t place themselves among others with whom they can talk things out? Relationships can fail or thrive based on people’s ability to re-charge properly.

How we re-charge our inner energies is just one of many parameters our inner design influences. We can learn about how design enables us to function best and live with a sense of fulfillment.  Or we can push ourselves outside the limits for our healthy function. Unfortunately, there’s not much middle ground. And just like a sophisticated race car with a high-performance engine, the more miles you spend operating contrary to your design (i.e., malfunctioning), the more damage you do to long-term success in all areas of your life.


Less stress, more hope.

If you want less stress and more hope in your day, learn how you’ve been made to live fully.

And, if you’d like to maximize your performance and eliminate self-made limitations, explore your inner strengths.

If you know deep down you are meant to overcome obstacles and achieve your greatest potential,

If you’re ready to overcome stress and set yourself up to thrive, live by design. There’s SO much more to discover. 

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