Are you living from the right time zone in your life?

The Right Time

Did you know that you’re designed to live from a specific time “zone” in your life? That’s right! Each of us have a specific relationship to time. And it’s very important to live from the right time! Otherwise, you’re looking in the wrong place for your motivations, your strengths and your focus. This week, learn more about the right time from which to build your healthy, motivating life.


Live from the right time zone or malfunction.

In recent posts, we’ve been setting the stage for a deeper understanding of your own inner design (or InnerKinetics® ). So, it won’t surprise you to learn that each core inner design has a different way of relating to and using time. It’s an incredibly important aspect of how we’re designed to function.  In fact, if you’re not living from the right time zone, you’ll malfunction and misuse the very valuable time you’re given in this life.

HERE’S A FACT: You’re designed to live from the right time zone in your life, or malfunction.

Consider what we know from consulting the invaluable resource, INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness.


If you’re an “SP,” you live and thrive in the PRESENT moment.

Hard-wired to drain the last drop of pleasure and excitement from each moment, the world of the SP is lived in the present. Yesterday may contain unpleasant memories (depressing) and tomorrow may never actually come (needless worry). So, in the present moment, the SP finds their motivation and their ability to rightly use their many inner strengths.

Being effective and tactical is just one example of a strength an SP must develop if they want to create a healthy lifestyle. And it’s a strength that requires they keep their focus on the present!

Do you PRESENT like an SP?

Then come back next week to learn how to develop this strength and make it a reality in your present-focused life.

Maybe you’re an “SJ” who elevates the PAST above present and future.

As a naturally cautious SJ, your design-driven approach to any future event has you reviewing the past for its lessons learned. The past is known (secure). The present is risky (may not be secure). And the future is unknown (definitely not yet secure). Between those three time zones, the past is a no-brainer for an SJ who strongly values security and a cautious approach to change.

And as it happens, caution is a key inner strength of the SJ’s healthy lifestyle.  So, your SJ focus on the past allows you to more completely calculate both risks and rewards.

Should you PAST like an SJ?

Next week, you’ll learn how to develop your strength of being careful and cautious so that the past becomes just what it should be – a guide — but not a dictator or your only informant.

You could be anNTwhose relationship to time is truly unique.

It doesn’t speed you up or slow you down. You’re likely to recognize this familiar sentiment. If you’re engaged in a project, time is of no importance until the task is done, right? Most NTs don’t think of time if it’s outside of your present concerns or projects. It’s this approach that allows your determination to rise to unwavering heights.

Your determination is an inner strength that works hand-in-hand with your approach to time. After all, who wouldn’t understand that an ingenious mind has to work this way and complete things?

Can you “un-TIME” like an NT?

And next week, come back to learn more about developing your strength of determination.

An “NFlives in and for the FUTURE.

If you’re designed as a forward-thinking and forward-living “NF,” the right time from which to live is toward the future. That’s where your mind translates possibilities into present realities. And as a “hope expert,” the future holds all your keys to unlocking future potentials.

NFs are born to reach for their potential. Their lives are journeys to meaning and significance, a road to being ever better than they are now. It’s the right time zone to live from if you’re to develop your inner strength of being the very best you can be.

Do you FUTURE like an NF?

Then come back next week to learn how to develop your strengths of living for meaning and significance.


There’s time. And then there’s the right time.

We’re taught so many things (both positive and negative) about time as we grow up:

  • That it waits for no one.
  • That it shouldn’t be wasted.
  • It’s not on our side.
  • That there’s a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.
  • The present time is all you truly have.
  • And that the way you spend time is an indicator of your true priorities.

I believe all these things are true. But there’s one more you can tuck away for safe keeping:

There’s a right time from which you should live.

It’s essential to your healthy lifestyle and reaching your greatest potential.

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