Making the Right Choices in Life Is Going to Cost You!

Making right choices

By Janet Kellogg

Making the right choices in life is essential to health, success and prosperity. Most would say, “Yeah, that’s obvious!” Perhaps less obvious is the understanding that every choice you make comes at a cost. In the field of economics, they call the cost of making choices “opportunity costs” – the benefit or value of something that must be given up to acquire or achieve something else. So, what’s the cost of making the wrong choice? Is it a price you want to pay? Let’s run the numbers.

Do you ever stop to count the cost of making your choices all day long? Or, like most of us, do you just make them and move on, giving your focused attention only to those decisions or opportunities that seem weightier?

Do I:

  • Buy those tickets to visit family I haven’t seen in over a year, or go on that vacation I’ve been longing to take?
  • Bequeath my daughter a smart phone and brave the tidal wave of challenges to her healthy self-image, or wait another year?
  • Volunteer for that project that would certainly grow my ability to connect with others, or stick with my current priorities for time and relationships?

Methods for Making Right Choices

It’s clear that we each use a different method for making our choices, ranking their importance, and even for defining what right versus wrong actually is. But I submit that there’s a multitude of decisions we each make every day that matter far more than we realize and cost a great deal more than we are prepared to pay. Those choices boil down simply to this: Will we choose the right use of the strengths innate to our inner design, OR will we create self-made weaknesses through a lack of understanding and the wrong use of these strengths? 

Will we choose:

. . . FULFILLMENT in relationships, or DISAPPOINTMENT from playing the same old tapes that plague our ability to grow closer to those we love?

. . . SATISFACTION in achieving stability and a sense of direction in life, or FRUSTRATION in not reaching solid ground?

. . . The RIGHT IMPACT on those we mean to inspire and influence, or the WRONG IMPACT that leaves our social circles unsure of our intentions?

. . . SUCCESS in reaching our goals in a creative and efficient way, or FAILURE to reach the mark?

In the context I outline above, I hope you’ll agree we can determine what constitutes a “right choice” versus a “wrong choice.”

Using Our InnerKinetics® to Make Right Choices

Allow me to use an example from my own life:

I am an emotional person. Of course, we all are emotional in varying degrees. But we each function with emotion quite differently when making our decisions and responding to life’s circumstances. I naturally use emotions like rocket fuel. Emotions catapult me into space at lightning speed before I’m even conscious of which ones I’m acting on. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the choice I make as I’m strapped to my emotional missile, hurling through the atmosphere.

“Emotional” is actually a strength of my particular inner design (my InnerKinetics®), which when used properly, allows me to live and love with passion and commitment that is hard for another to match. It’s a very positive outcome when I’m using positive emotions like love, faith, hope or joy. However, I can also partner with hurt and anger faster than most and unleash a verbal broadside of gigantic proportions if I’ve lost emotional control.

My Right Choice

I can pause, let logic catch up to my emotion, and recognize the need to choose a positive emotion to replace the negative one that is fueling my rant. Or, out of laziness, I can just run with it hurting hearts and damaging the sense of trust and security in those I love most.

I’ve made both choices and it’s only the “Pause & Upgrade” (the Right Choice) that produces an outcome I’m proud of. It’s the choice that allows me to use my strength correctly, propelling me into the intuitive and sensitive person I am, capable of meaningful and authentic connections. The cost of my Right Choice in this very real example is the temporary discomfort of having to stop myself from acting on hurt and anger that, in the past, would have just felt good to unleash. Disproportionately huge is the cost of my wrong choice, which damages both important relationships and my own self-image. Both can be very difficult to repair. Using negative emotions will leave me with guilt and a mistrust of myself to use emotions for the good of anyone. No thanks! Not worth it!

It’s Impossible to Determine Just How Expensive Wrong Choices Can Be

The total cost of wrong choices adds up so quickly and has a compounding effect, making it nearly impossible to ever truly measure. Why pay it?!  The Real You aches to realize your true potential and avoid the cost of damaging decisions. Avoid the wrong choice by first recognizing that most of the right choices you make every day are to follow the inner drives and strengths that shape your time into a fulfilling and rewarding life. The right choices come at just the right price!

Learn which CHOICES lead to your health, success and prosperity.




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