Can you keep moving forward when important details are unknown?

Moving Forward

How much longer will we have to stay apart from friends and family? When will we be back at work or able to play team sports? What will school look like in the fall? We’re approaching the middle of 2020 with unprecedented confusion and uncertainty. And it appears that the near future will not reveal much of the information we feel we need for important decisions. A million questions are swirling around unanswered. Can you keep moving forward when important details remain unknown? Let’s talk about it.

Moving forward or moving toward?

The term “moving forward” can be quite a subjective one, can’t it? What does that even mean? Some of us move forward toward plans we have at work or for our education. Many of us have big goals for our relationships and experiences we want to have in the future.

What’s more, our inner design (or InnerKinetics) plays a big role in what we classify as “moving forward.” For example, if you’re a “J”, progress is defined and felt very differently than if you’re a “P.” For J’s, progress would typically happen within a faster timeline than P’s. It would also be measured by some well-defined and more tightly controlled parameters. In contrast, Ps define progress more by the experience and how it ultimately unfolds. Instead of predetermined criteria that either did or didn’t get met, they evaluate whether the experience resulted in progress that was personally meaningful to them in some way. 

Neither of these preferences for defining progress is better than another. But they’re definitely very different ways of recognizing whether forward movement is actually happening.

Are you a “J” or a “P”?

Prevent getting or feeling stuck. 

ˆNot only is progress determined by the person defining it, it’s also subject to a moving target. How many times have you set a goal, only to have the details shift and move on you?  Our current situation is a great example of how our best laid plans can be instantly changed or placed on definite hold. What will you do, despite the unknowns? How can you move past the feeling of being “stuck” and helpless to change it? 

Here are some things to consider:

  • “Moving forward” (a.k.a. change) requires a general direction. We always hope that direction is forward —  toward our goals, rather than away from them. But if that direction starts to zig and zag a little, you can still choose to recognize it as change that’s generally headed in the right direction.
  • Moving forward also requires a chosen focus. Even if you have to create a different timeline or redefine a course to get to your desired destination, it’s your intense focus on the goal that will fuel your success.
  • And moving forward requires some stamina. Have you noticed that change typically falls by degrees? Sometimes, movement is sudden and drastic. Other times, it’s slow and subtle. Regardless of the degree of change, you will need to stay your course and adjust as necessary. 

If what you’re doing isn’t working…

Previously, we talked about your “best move” in times of crisis. Not only is it important that we’re moving in the direction our lives are intended to go, but it’s important to make corrections along the way. More importantly, feeling stuck is not a sensation we need to get comfortable with. If what you’re doing isn’t working, it makes sense that a change in approach is necessary.

Whether you’re an “SJ” or one of the other core inner designs, your InnerKinetics matters. Understanding how you’re designed to move forward can unlock all the movement you need to reach your most important goals.  

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