Are negatives capturing too much of your focus?

Your focus

Have you noticed how much easier it is to focus on a negative over a positive?  A day packed full of enjoyable moments and positive outcomes can be tainted in our minds by just one negative event we can recall. Why would that one negative capture more of our focus than all the positives? Perhaps that’s why so many attempts to truly understand ourselves are difficult. We can either choose to focus on our positive strengths, or we can get sidetracked with our negative weaknesses. Read on to uncover why understanding your temperament (or inner design) is so effective at overcoming our bias for negatives.


Set and re-set your focus on positives

The research on focus is clear.  If we allow our built-in negative biases to capture our attention, we’ll miss the opportunities to build our lives on positive forces at work within us.

HERE’S A FACT: You are designed in both mind and body to find what you look for.

Therefore, we must understand that there’s a big difference between learning more about your inner design (or temperament) and learning about negatives you create when you go “off design.”

Understand your InnerKinetics®

“The negativity bias” is the notion that things of a more negative nature (e.g. unpleasant thoughts, emotions, or social interactions) have a greater effect on our behavior and cognition than something equally emotional but positive.

But  you have a choice. What you focus on is still your choice. And choose you must.

Many personality assessments serve up confusing and distorted images of the Real You. They will list your positives. But they also include negative behaviors commonly observed when you’re malfunctioning.  The negatives are often called “blind spots.” Sometimes, they’re called “self-sabotaging behaviors.” They’re a distortion of the Real You. And they’re a distraction, regardless of what you call them.  What’s more, only an intense focus on developing your positive strengths can produce a clear image.

We can overcome the bias we have toward negative weaknesses we create. It’s your InnerKinetics (or temperament) that points you toward your strengths and provides a clear view of who you are truly designed to become.  It’s time to understand your InnerKinetics.

Your negatives aren’t worth your attention.

If you’ve completed the InnerKinetics Temperament Assessment, you’ll know your profile. If you have not yet taken this assessment, now is a great time:

The very next thing to learn is the package of positive strengths you are designed to use. Because your negatives just aren’t worth your time and attention and because what you focus on is what gets stronger, you can choose to disregard them. Focus instead on developing your strengths and you can eliminate the negatives that others suggest you try to “fix” about yourself.

Notice the fix is NOT a focus on your personality problems – your negatives, like blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviors.  The fix is a focus on the solution – your inner strengths and a clear view of what they build in your life.


    If you’re an “SP,” you can develop your strength of being spontaneous. This will eliminate the cynical attitude (your negative) that can often develop when your life becomes mired down in too much planning, structure and regulation.

    You can either follow your negative bias and focus on the trouble you cause yourself socially with each cynical response. Or, you can choose a positive focus and develop your strengths of being spontaneous and impulsive.  It’s these SP strengths that fuel their natural optimism and work as a true tonic for their transient “personality problem.”


Are you an SP, or an SJ? Maybe you’re an NT or an NF?

In summary, it’s your positive strengths that deserve all your attention! Regardless of your InnerKinetics, return next week as we dig deeper into how to develop your strengths to eliminate the negatives that take up way too much of your attention.

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