New Year. New Thinking. Extraordinary Life.

New Year. New Thinking. Extraordinary Life.

Have you ever wrestled with a fear that you just blend in with everyone else in the crowd? Do you worry that there’s nothing extraordinary and truly special about you? If we’re completely honest with ourselves, it’s a fear we each share. And it’s there because we’ve each been created and designed with a real, human need to be both significant and extraordinary. If you’re looking to begin something new and better this year, start with new thinking. The Real You has an extraordinary life to live.

“As a man thinks, so is he.”

Recently, we talked about how there’s no one thing you can do to create positive change and new opportunities. It’s the sum of all the seemingly small choices you make that add up. But perhaps the most powerful choices that add up to affect your daily life the most are your thoughts.

Even your thinking is ultimately a choice. And the quality of your thinking leads to the quality of your actions. Camp on that for a moment. Your thinking is so important, that it results in your daily actions and, therefore, the quality of your life. It stands to reason that to live the extraordinary life you deeply sense is yours to live, you’ll have to focus on some extraordinary thoughts.  

These thoughts about yourself, others and the world around you may be a kind of thinking that’s completely NEW to you.


An extraordinary life results from extraordinary thinking.

 I love Einstein’s quote: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

It goes along with the truthful guidance that you can’t expect different results when you do the same thing over and over. No, to create a life more aligned with the extraordinary and very Real You, you’ll have to focus on some courageous thinking.

It takes courage to “own” the things that make you special.  Make that courage and conviction.

It takes courage to shed the worry that believing you have something extraordinary to offer the world is somehow arrogant or self-centered. So, it requires courage and confidence, as well.



You may be a diplomatic, compassionate, and sensitive person who cares deeply about what others think of you.  Many will tell you that this does you no favors and that you should just stop worrying about what others think. But this concern is a natural and innate part of your design that you wouldn’t be able to rid yourself of no matter what you try. This is also a very important attribute of any person who’s designed to be influential and significant in the lives of others.


Here’s a new thought: If you’re of the “NF” inner design, this care about what others think is an important drive that you need to learn how to use properly.


  • Use this drive correctly, and it enhances your diplomacy and people skills. 
  • Use the drive incorrectly, and it will cause you to drift off your own course and care so much about what others think that your own blueprint for success is swiftly abandoned.

It’s your choice.


There’s only one YOU.

Remember the “12 Things to Love About the Real You”? These things are all true of the “Real” you. It’s the version of you that acknowledges and chooses to use your innate, design-driven inner strengths and eliminate self-made weaknesses. And it’s this version of you that can focus on renewed thinking, adopt better habits and create an extraordinary life.

#4 from that list of things to love:


  • What will your distinguishing “mark” be on this world?
  • What’s your unique purpose? 
  • How have you been set apart from the common to be uncommon?

The answers to these questions are revealed through your unique expression of an intelligent inner design.

3 Steps to New Thinking

2. Learn more about this design from INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness

3. Follow this blog over the next 12 months as we spend time on each of the “12 Things to Love about the Real You”.

 Your results are going to be extraordinary!

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