The InnerKinetics of Being NF

Is reaching your highest potential one of your highest priorities? A few weeks ago, we began a series designed to paint a clear bullseye on becoming the “Real You.” Do you know this person well? For many, the Real You has felt like an elusive target. For all, knowing the Real You is essential to a fulfilling, meaningful, and productive life. So, let’s finish the big picture by learning more about being “NF.” In the NF’s world, realizing big dreams, exploring possibilities, and visualizing the big picture are just everyday actions. Perhaps the Real You thinks, feels, and acts like an NF.

The NF’s World Is Sensitive, Intuitive, and Influential

If your thoughts constantly scan the horizon for future possibilities and imaginative solutions, you just might be an NF. If complicated people-problems are just one of your many specialties (because you, too, are very complicated), being NF would explain it! We’ve been exploring the InnerKinetics of each of the four core inner designs. And regardless of whether your InnerKinetics® is SP, SJ, NT, or NF, it’s time to find out which is yours for sure. Why?  Because there are some powerful, positive strengths, specially for each core design, that drive you toward becoming all you can be.  The NF’s world has its own set. Therefore, you need to know the strengths that are in your particular toolbox.

Take this quick assessment to find out which strengths are driving you and record the four-letter result you get.

Did you have an N and an F as two of your four letters? That would mean your core design is “NF.”

The NF’s World Is Complicated

Being “NF” is complicated! If you are one, I don’t have to tell you that. The good news is, you’re about to get answers for some questions that may have plagued you for your whole life.  NFs are visionary and keenly intuitive. In his book, “InnerKinetics of Type,” Dr. Ray Lincoln describes the NF design as cooperative, authentic, idealistic self-actualizers. They’re superbly skilled at finding solutions to the most complicated ethical and personal problems. With their highly developed imaginations, they face the future, searching for its possibilities and dreaming of its potentials. Does this sound familiar? Here’s even more based on your four-letter NF type.


ENFPs are very warm and seek to make meaningful, authentic connections with others. In fact, to them, life IS people. An enthusiastic and insatiable urge to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of social encounters drives them. With their quick minds, they make empathetic, resourceful, and perceptive diplomats. They’re full of deep convictions that drive their lives and their endless search for meaningful experiences. Individualistic to the core, ENFP’s must reveal the image they have for themselves, not what others expect of them. Emotions play a large part in the ENFP’s life. As a result, an intensity unmatched by any of the other temperaments infuses all the relationships and experiences of an NF’s world.


Wherever they go, ENFJs teach. As natural educators, they set their minds on helping you to your potential, sparing nothing of their effort to accomplish this goal. Their powers of influence make them magnetic people with a natural gift for articulate, dramatic, and expressive communications. They use analogy expertly to illuminate the truth and it is one of their most developed specialties. Like all NFs, they are responsive to people. But because they’re intimately concerned with how others are feeling and thinking, none can rival their intense empathy and desire to provide meaningful help.


Reserved, yet expressive, INFPs are keenly alert to people’s feelings. Their social, outgoing demeanors can often lead others to think they’re extroverts. And their curiosity about all things, especially people, creates a warm and friendly impression. As with all NFs, they envision everything with their intense idealism. INFPs have strong ethical standards that guide their lives and generate a demand for personal authenticity within themselves. They’re adaptable, flexible, artistic, and quick to discern possibilities, making them catalytic in the world of new ideas and personal innovation. To understand people and find ways to help them discover their potential in life is an innate drive in INFPs.


INFJs are natural mentors, speakers, and coaches. Leading others to maximize their lives and living in harmony with themselves and others give INFJs their ultimate satisfaction. They must become all they can be and lead others to do the same. As the most serious of all the NFs, INFJs love to study and improve their knowledge. They often garner respect for their firm principles and ideas. Convictions run deep and they’ll express themselves with determination when they’re convinced of their point of view. The desire to be people of integrity, combined with intense perseverance, makes INFJs conscientious leaders with a clear vision, original ideas, and determined leadership.

The NF’s World of Stress

Two key elements of the human experience can stress any brand of NF more than all other elements combined: disharmony and disconnection. Our current circumstances on both a personal and national level present both of those elements in spades!  The pandemic has isolated us and made personal connections and interactions far more difficult. What’s more, disharmony and division in our social values and politics have also presented a challenging world. How can a stressed-out NF live happily in circumstances such as these?!

No worries, stress can be successfully managed in the same way they tackle all other problems: with their intense passion to provide meaningful help and solutions. Come back next week as we learn more about managing stress in the NF way.

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