Now’s the Right Time for a Stunning Transformation

Stunning Transformation

Spring is the perfect time for new life and stunning transformations. Nature is waking up. The ground becomes fertile again, teaming with all things needed for growth and renewal. For most of us who love to see winter thawing out, it’s not just about longer days and warmer temperatures. Since our minds are just like that fertile springtime soil, they too begin to spark with new ideas and hopeful thoughts. If you can relate, consider this. Our thoughts are always leading us somewhere. So, where are your thoughts going to take you? Will you move toward or away from the person you’re intentionally designed to become? Now is a great time to begin a stunning transformation into more of the Real You.

Plant with a Good Harvest in Mind

I’m not sure any writing can put it more plainly than these verses from the Gospel of Matthew.

 Matthew 7:17-18 – Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

I think this simple scripture gets to the root of a simple concept.  In other words, you can’t get a potato from an acorn. You can’t get an apple from lettuce seed. And you definitely can’t expect good fruit from a bad tree. So, what kind of “harvest” (aka outcome) would you like to accomplish within the next year? What changes do you want to see? The seeds you firmly plant in your mind today will determine whether you have a good harvest or a bad one.

I can hear you saying it now . . . “OK, farmer lady, what on earth are you calling good seeds versus bad ones? And why must you refer to my mind as soil?”

So glad you asked! Many previous articles from this blog have referenced the fact that the quality of our choices falls out of the quality of our thoughts. Put another way, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) So, positive thoughts worth thinking about are like good seeds. If you plant them firmly in your mind and cultivate them into positive beliefs, your actions will follow, and a good harvest results.



Good Seed (Thought): I’m created in the image of God and uniquely equipped to become a reliable, trustworthy leader.

“Real You” Soil: I’ll pursue the right use of my inner strengths and bring my custom brand of leadership to my community.

Good Harvest: I feel more and more like the Real Me. My leadership has provided a reliable framework for others to thrive within it and important work is being accomplished.


Inspect the Fruit You’re Expecting

Wisdom compels us to look at the “fruit” (or the outcomes) from our endeavors.  Whether it’s a new relationship, a new business venture, increased time commitments to an existing project, or deeper dives into areas in which you want to grow, the fruit that’s coming out of this prospect must be inspected. Therefore, helpful questions need to be asked — questions like:

  • Is what I’m doing really working?
  • Does this commitment bring a sense of fulfillment to my life?
  • Is this relationship a healthy, two-way street or a dead end?
  • Will this new opportunity allow me to use my inner strengths and serve others in some way?
  • Am I becoming more and more of the Real Me that God intentionally designed?

 If the answers to questions like those above are “yes,” then well done!  Do it again. Next time, go for even more sustainable growth. If “no” was your answer, don’t stress. Another chance to plant for a better harvest is coming up.  Gather your motivations, re-connect to your hopes, and start again!

CLICK PIC BELOW for some inspiration. Watch how fast transformation can occur when you or another of God’s creations follows the intelligent design with which it’s been made:


Watch Over Your Growth Mindset to Achieve a Stunning Transformation

Even with good seeds planted, your work is far from over. The Real You needs a growth mindset. Therefore, you must constantly watch over the condition of your mind to ensure that negative, unproductive “weed” thinking doesn’t choke out the growth you’re working toward. As you cultivate a mind that is set on transforming into greater levels of who God has designed you to become, keep these things in focus:

. . . The Real You eliminates damaging weaknesses by pursuing expert-level use of your inner strengths.

. . . The Real You creates the habit of rooting out negative, damaging thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts that lead to positive actions.

. . . And the Real You aims for positive change and transformation into a more confident person with a strong sense of purpose.


Doesn’t Spring Sound Like the Right Time for Stunning Transformation?

If you answered, “Yes! I’m ready to start something new” . . . [FIST BUMP!]. Now back it up with a decision to act.

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