Olympic Podium Takeaway #1 – Know Your “Money Combo”

Know Your "Money Combo"

What could you possibly have in common with world-class athletes who stand on the Olympic podium?  If you’re thinking “not much!” . . . think again. These athletes are real, everyday people of all ages who can swing between fierce determination and a losing mindset, just like you and me. They experience both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, just like you and me. And just like you – the Real You – there’s a “money combo” of inner resources they must know and use well to stand in that winner’s circle. Do you know your “money combo”? Check out this Olympic podium takeaway.

Olympic Podium Takeaway #1

We’ve been talking about the importance of knowing both WHY (your motivations) and WHERE to look (your perspective) in meeting some of the most important goals you’ve set for yourself. Meeting these goals can lead to discovering your purpose and a sense of fulfillment and belonging, so they’re a pretty big deal! And it doesn’t matter whether your moves toward those goals are major or minor. You need to know both the WHY and the WHERE if you’re going to win. Do you notice how parallel this is to what Olympic athletes must do to reach the peak of their sport and walk away with Olympic gold?

Whether your goal is to win at creating authentic relationships with your kids or medal in the women’s giant slalom . . .

Whether it’s re-building a marriage that faltered due to a series of bad choices or coming back from a career-ending accident . . .

You must be laser-locked on WHY (your motivations) you want that win because your inherent motivations compel you to keep trying, even if you feel you are failing at the moment.

And you must know WHERE to look to keep your eye on the prize.  Where you are looking for your best next move can result in a move toward or a move away from that goal.

Your WHY + Your WHERE = Your “Money Combo” (a.k.a. what you need to reach your biggest goals)

YOUR “Money Combo” is not MY “Money Combo”

Stick with me as we work to break this winning “money combo” down further next week.  And remember, YOUR money combo isn’t my “money combo”.  We each have a design-driven set of inner preferences, drives, and strengths that we must learn to use properly if we are to reach our biggest and most important goals in life.

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  2. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we unpack more on YOUR “money combo” and other takeaways from the Olympic podium.

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