Operating in Your InnerKinetics Flow

Operating in Your InnerKinetics Flow

When it comes to achieving a flow in your life, are you finding it easier or harder to do lately? Whether it’s goals for career, family, or personal development, most of my clients are reporting that staying in a flow has never felt more difficult. If you can relate, let’s talk more. The fix for staying on a roll is to operate in your InnerKinetics flow.


A Simple Formula for Finding Your InnerKinetics Flow

By now, you’ve heard it all. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people ready to tell you their tried and true process for success. There’s a lot of great advice out there. But none of it matters if you can’t be fairly consistent. So, if you’re among the many who’ve chosen a critical understanding of how you’ve been made to think, feel, and act (a.k.a. your InnerKinetics®), check this out:

Your InnerKinetics FUNCTION + Your FOCUS = Your InnerKinetics FLOW  


Your Design-driven Function

Let’s break that formula down. First, is FUNCTION. Your InnerKinetics drive the specific ways you think, feel and act. These ways are “your InnerKinetics FUNCTION.” Further, you’ll function in a healthy way because you have some understanding of these design-driven ways. Or, you’ll malfunction because you didn’t understand these ways and tried to operate “off design.” Whether we acknowledge it or not, we each thrive or suffer based on the level of understanding we have of our inner design. Suffice to say, if you’re trying to get into a groove, it’s next to impossible without understanding how you are designed to function.

In case you don’t know your design, take this quick assessment:


Your Design-driven Focus

Next, FOCUS. We’ve talked many times about the power of your focus. Here are some previous articles — all meant to convey how important focus is.

Here’s one of the main takeaways: Focus is chosen. What’s more, your chosen focus is critical to your success.

And no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, it’s worth discovering what types of internal forces you possess that strengthen and magnify your focus. These forces are also revealed by understanding your InnerKinetics.



Because your inner design is much like a strong current that runs through all the ways that you think, feel, and act.  You have a choice. You can flow with it by choosing to function according to how you’ve been made. Or, you can stand against this strong current and fight it. As you might suspect, that is not advised. Eventually, you’ll experience fatigue, frustration, or even fear – anything but FLOW. So, jump into your InnerKinetics flow and keep the hard-earned momentum you’ve created.  As long as you understand how you’re designed to function and how to choose your focus, staying in a flow that leads you to success will be the result.

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