OPTIMISM – The Emotional Rocket Fuel of an “SP”

Emotional Rocket Fuel of Optimism

Do you have a friend, a child, or a spouse who seems to operate with an unending stream of positive thinking? Do they love action and excitement? Have you noticed they stay focused on the present, looking for just the right way to make an impact on the world around them? Or, is it you who seems to naturally possess this “glass-is-half-FULL” way of living? If you answered “yes,” to any of these questions, you are describing an all-go, no-quit “SP,” and you’ll want to know their secret. It’s the source of their boundless energy and positive attitude. Their secret? Relentless OPTIMISM – an SP’s emotional rocket fuel.

What in the world is an SP?

If you have never heard of the term “SP,” don’t worry! It isn’t a new acronym to describe some ambiguous set of behaviors. It is definitely NOT a box to put someone in and limit them in any way! Think of it as a symbol, representing one of the four core inner designs that drive human beings: SP, SJ, NT and NF. And think of it as representing an amazing person whom I hope you have the privilege to know!

(If you want to know more now, start by discovering which one of these four designs is driving and motivating you in your daily life. Click here: Help Me Identify My Inner Design)


The All-Go, No-Quit SP

It’s hard to find an SP who does not strike you as charming and pleasant to meet. SPs love fun, action and excitement. Their desire is to drain the last drop of pleasure from each moment. When feelings of courage fill them, they can be moved to fearlessly attack what others have labeled “impossible.” Their adventurous spirit requires them to be brave. And since risks are custom-made for the brave, you’ll see an SP always testing the limits. When using their optimism, they are given even more courage to attempt the impossible and surge bravely ahead into the unknown, despite the challenges.

But what’s the big deal? Can’t everyone choose optimism to keep them focused on a brilliant future? Yes. Don’t we all have the option of upgrading to the rocket fuel of optimism? Definitely.


What’s so special, then, about an SP’s brand of optimism?

Optimism is the healthy emotional fuel that underpins an SP’s entire inner design. It infuses all their emotions and is essential to their healthy self-image. A pessimistic SP is a malfunctioning SP, struggling to make healthy choices! An SP with optimism?  Watch out!

An optimistic attitude focuses any of us on the possibilities and the hope of successful outcomes, but take note of what it does for an SP: Living so completely in the present moment, an SP’s optimism gives them a tactical intelligence that calls for instant decisions and instant application of those decisions. The assumption on their part is that success is imminent. If their tactical move is not successful, they don’t worry. The drive to spontaneously act has them adjust and try another move until success is achieved.


Do you say these often? You could be an SP.

• “No time like the present . . .”
• “Don’t worry; it will all be okay!”
• “If we wait, we may never get another opportunity.”
• “Watch this, you guys!”

If you are not an SP, it’s OK to confess you’ve been annoyed from time to time at the relentless optimism they naturally possess. Even a little jealous, perhaps? Those of us who have to work harder at optimism can certainly see that it’s a major advantage in life. How could it not be!

The SP’s QUICK GUIDE to operating with intelligent optimism.

Last week, I mentioned the InnerKinetics® Quick Guide to upgrading your emotional fuel. Whether YOU are the SP in your life, or you are working to love one well, it’s important to respect and appreciate the power of optimism. It’s one of the most intelligent emotions you can choose. Here’s how to increase intelligent emotion of optimism:

• Dwell on the positive, not the negative. Dwelling on something magnifies it, so find and maintain positive beliefs.
• Be careful not to spend too much time with pessimists.

• Make sure your optimism does not devolve into the negative opposite: pessimism. If it has, shift your focus immediately to living in the moment. Do not stop until you’ve found some silver lining from your present circumstances.
• Indulge in positive self-talk.
• Believe in yourself because you definitely have reasons to do so. Discover the reasons.
• Be confident. Look everyone in the eye and say to yourself, “I’m at least as good as they are.”
• Keep your self-esteem high. Thank people for their positive comments about you and your actions.
• Encourage others. When we do so, we feel an immediate internal reward.

There’s much more to learn about operating with the emotional rocket fuel of OPTIMISM. Check out these resources:
1. Intelligently Emotional
2. INNERKINETICS – Your Blueprint to Excellence and Happiness

And stay tuned as we examine more closely next week how an “SJ” chooses the healthy emotional fuel of CAUTION.

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