Our Culture and How To Confront It as Individuals and Parents

Our Culture: LGBTQ person

All of us — especially parents — are concerned about our culture because we face the imposition of the unreal values of this cultural revolution.  Realistically, it is impossible to cover all of the changes postmodernism has infused into our society.  It has changed political thinking, educational curriculums, daily life, and the attitudes that have molded the lives of so many.  Nonetheless, in the next several articles, I will highlight most of the important changes for comment and critical assessment of its straight or crooked thinking.  This will help all of us to think straight and help others to consider the impact of its crooked thinking.  The way the mind thinks is the way we all turn out to be.  

Both Parent and Child MUST Understand Our Culture

Importantly, it’s not only we adults who need to understand and counter the cultural changes that have transformed human behavior in our day.  Our children need to understand what is going on and why it is destructive in so many ways.  So, without further ado let’s provide straight thinking for parents who need it to combat the leanings of the educational systems that favor the new culture of our age.  This straight thinking will address the details of what is subtly and dramatically changing the way we and our children think and behave.  In contrast, Postmodernism is the philosophy behind the changes and is the thinking that has propelled this cultural revolution.

Back to some straight thinking for our culture!  Or is it “forward to sense and reason”? 

Postmodernism’s Popular Appeal in Our Culture

Postmodernism’s trumpet calls and popular appeals feature the following (among others): tolerance for all, freedom of expression, and freedom from judgment.  Wow! That has huge appeal for many and these things have been the energy behind our culture’s changes.  Additionally, think of how the promise of social justice is appealing to the masses — especially to all who have some gripe about the world or their perception of the way they are treated or not treated.  How can our younger generation resist the attraction of what amounts to a mental takeover of their minds?  

Postmodernism’s Repudiation of Fact Will Cause Its Own Demise

In the long run, Postmodernism’s repudiation of fact (“no facts, only interpretations”), denial of objective reality, destruction of all moral and universal standards, together with their bitter rejection of all that they criticize will cause their fall by all who value sense, reason, logic, religion, and science.  Let’s hope there are enough people who stand for truth and true love.  However, in the meantime, we will have to resist its speed and take back lost territory.

Next article:  Is tolerance all it is thought to be?  Is there something better?

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Weekly Help for Your Mind/Brain

This weekly addition to my articles provides practical guidance for the application of commonly known facts about brain health.  

A special note on coconut oil.  Until recently, coconut oil was condemned as unhealthy and damaging to the heart.  It still is thought of in this way by some, unfortunately.  

Consider the following:  

  1. The natives of the Pacific islands and tropical cultures have consumed it for millenniums, as far as we can gather.  Only recently has science begun to catch up with its wonders.  
  2. Science previously condemned it, along with all saturated fats — a mistake on both counts.  It is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), which is now seen to be of great benefit.  The liver converts the oil into ketones, which we now know are an important source of energy for brain cells.  
  3. Also, it helps in the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factors), which aid the brain in the creation of new cells and other essential maintenance functions.  
  4. It contributes to aiding short-term memory issues, focus, and mental clarity along with benefitting the health of skin and hair.  
  5. Easily add forms of it that are flavorless to a cup of coffee or tea. Or you can add forms that maintain the natural flavor to many sautéed dishes, giving an added flavor of coconut — delicious.  

Proponents recommend two tablespoons daily of coconut oil or 1 tablespoon of MCT oil (which is a derivative from coconut and palm kernel oil).    Dr. William Davis (MD) advises adding olive oil or coconut oil to everything — eggs, soup, vegetables.  We are told we don’t actually grow fat from the consumption of healthy fats.  That’s a surprise for all of us who were brought up on eliminating almost all fats.  

Take care of your brain!

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