Our Mind Is Truly Who We Are

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Prov 23:7. Why is this ancient proverb such a fundamental factor in understanding the role of the mind? Perhaps, because we fail to remember or understand that the mind is involved in all that happens to us and also all that happens in us. Nothing in the universe equals the complexity and the reach of messages and knowledge as does the human mind. Nothing even equals or surpasses its abilities as well. The brain, with which the mind is interacting constantly in ways about which we can only speculate, is the central station for an intricate nervous system that carries messages to and from all parts of the body and from all the sense reactions registered by our mind.  Therefore, I maintain that our mind is who we are.

Our Rational and Our Emotional Mind

Notice the quote above says “as a man (used generically of any person) thinks.” The quote then adds the words “in his heart,” which seems to be a clear indication that both the rational and emotional elements of thought and feeling are included in its description of the mind’s functions.

Our Actions Are the Fruit of Who We Are

Notice also, our actions are always the fruit (or the outcome) of whatever is going on in the mind. We all need to understand the extent of the mind’s role in shaping our actions. If we want our lives to be fulfilling, meaningful, joyful, loving, etc, our minds should be full of the values we want produced in our lives. Therefore, our actions provide a complete and final look at the evidence of the quality of our minds at any given moment. “So is he,” the quote concludes. The final unveiling of who we are is seen unequivocally in the way our mind is shaping our lives.

Are We Makers of Ourselves?

All things are processed through the mind. It processes every condition and circumstance we encounter. This process includes the complex function of our circumstances through our will, desires, habits, and the way we have allowed our minds and our brains to develop. It provides the engineered evidence to us and (via our actions) to the world of who we really are. It is the canvas on which we create ourselves and capture all our creative thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative. The mind controls the making of our life. We, therefore, are makers of ourselves in the ultimate sense.

We Become What We Think

Putting it literally and simply, we become what we think.  Nothing is going to intervene and change us from both what we think and what we allow ourselves to think or feel. The mind is the source, and we can’t blame anything else as the cause of who we are. We can’t blame others or our circumstances or our world. That should put an end to the blame game we so often play to make ourselves feel better about who we are.

And don’t forget, our mind uses all of our thought forms, such as our dreams, fantasies, realities, and imaginations, to fashion the end product — us.


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