Ours Is a Dysfunctional Culture!

Straight thinking overcomes a dysfunctional culture

Parents are frustrated and hurting with the challenges of the current dysfunctional culture.  It’s dysfunctional because it contradicts itself.  Furthermore, it encourages our youth to believe in an angry, self-centered, and crooked (read “unthinking”) way of living.  And it claims all people must be tolerant of others, but then it is not tolerant of beliefs it disagrees with.  There is a word for that:  hypocrisy.

An Amoral, Dysfunctional Culture

The dysfunctional culture of today’s Postmodernism eliminates all mega-narratives. (A mega-narrative is one that claims to apply to all people and our world of today).  Adults must see their significant role in helping to stem the flow of this “re-education” of our youth, which results in a dysfunctional culture forced on all of us.  This culture knows that if they change the thinking of our youth, they will effectively change our world. It is, to give it an honest label, irrational thinking, and a destructive, amoral culture where even freedom is falsely pedaled as absolute.

A Culture Destructive of  Any Peaceful Society

Off-beat thinkers (who are the philosophers behind the formation of the culture we live in) have created this dysfunctional culture, taking us down a destructive path.  Their philosophy falsifies who we are and robs our youth — all of us — of a healthy and uplifting self-image.  Consequently, it will destroy any peaceful society and establish a way of thinking that marginalizes truth, common sense, reason, and all mega-narratives.

Overcome the Dysfunctional Philosophy

Is your faith a faith of the heart and not the head?  We need a faith of the head as well as the heart —  one to explain and defend the beliefs that run counter to this culture.  Our beliefs must be founded in what is reasonable (the head) and in intelligent emotions (the heart).  However, too many people are lacking the strength of a head belief (a reason for their beliefs). So, when the culture begins to demean the human being or makes no sense, they have no valid rational defense to support what they believe.  Hence, they are losing the argument of why it is intelligent to believe what they believe by default.  Therefore, we must equip our children to think straight.  Don’t depend on the education system to teach them this.  Surprisingly few universities take the trouble to teach students how to think — unbelievable, but true.

In conclusion, we need sound thinking (straight thinking) and reasoning in order to successfully defend what we believe.  Half a faith is not enough!

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