PASSION – Harness the Emotional Powerhouse of an “NF”

Being Emotional

Do you have people in your life that just seem more “intense” than most? Or is it you others describe as having  fiery enthusiasm? It’s not hard to understand or experience an unspoken intensity around things that are important to you. A compelling cause can capture your focus completely. A sport or captivating hobby can become an obsession. But the underlying source of this intensity is not as well understood. Why do some people just seem to become electrified with a higher current of emotion about important things in their life? To experience a rich life, we need to get fired up over something. In fact, there are some who can’t even live a healthy life without a rich dose of this emotional intensity. They are the “NFs” among us, and PASSION is their emotional powerhouse.


Are you an emotionally intense NF?

Of the four core inner designs that can drive a human, only 6% of the population are of the passionate “NF” persuasion. NFs are essential to humanity. The inner strengths they possess are designed to push the boundaries of the human experience. They use their passion like “emotional street-smarts” to create successful relationships, compel others into reaching their full potential, and to dream up a better world for everyone.

Unless you are also an NF, the emotional intensity (or passion) that drives them can be difficult to fully appreciate. The NF world is affected greatly by the emotional content of any situation. And so, of the four inner designs, they are the most sensitive to emotion. The full range of emotion, from love to hate, is theirs to use with seasoned expertise. This can also result in extreme highs and lows that can be difficult for others to relate to.


My dear friend is an NF who strives for success and excellence in everything she does. Motherhood, full-time employment, and charity work are just some of her commitments. She takes it all on with the expectation that she will get it done on time and in style.

Of course, she falls short on occasion.  Even though others react with understanding, she wrestles with feelings that she’s just not good enough and never will be.  A wave of negative emotion can quickly overtake her.  This feeling of drowning can persist for days if she doesn’t have an exit strategy. Each day, she has to make a choice. She must find her passion to live her best life. This keeps her focus on the positive emotions that bring out the REAL her. As a loving friend, I must also understand this about her. Otherwise, I’d be tempted to incorrectly judge her spiral down into despair. My efforts to help her would fail miserably.


Have you said or thought any of these lately? If so, you could be an NF:

  • “Why do I have to care what people think so much?
  • “Life would be so much easier if I could just stop being so sensitive!”
  • “I was meant for something bigger! There has to be more in life.”
  • “Let’s look at the big picture here. We have to get on the same page and work together.”

YOU NEED TO KNOW!  ARE YOU AN NF? Discover which one of the four core inner designs is driving and motivating you in your every day.

Help Me Identify My Inner Design


Passion can be a powerhouse or a powder keg!

Passion isn’t just some extreme expression of romantic love. That’s only one little aspect of a much bigger force. Passion is intelligent emotional fuel that gets you out of bed in the morning and ready to set the world on fire.  Whether you have a reputation for being a Mother Theresa (who was, incidentally, an NF) or the neighborhood cynic, use your passion properly and you can hit the re-set button on your life. It’s all a matter of where your passion is placed.

NFs are often judged as overly passionate. Their words and emotions can come off really strong – almost off-putting. Some kindly describe it as “intensely enthusiastic.” However, we all know what they really mean. But who is to say how much emotion is too much? We all must use positive, intelligent emotions to operate our inner designs in a healthy way. Use passion wisely and it’s a powerhouse of non-stop optimism and positive attitude. Use it unwisely and it can look more like a powder keg ready to blow up your world at the worst possible time!

Can you use your passions to keep yourself on a forward path, destined for success of all kinds?
HECK YEAH! Use passion properly. Discover the things you are passionate about.

If you are a healthy NF, it’s your relentless pursuit. And you are built to succeed.

If you are not an NF, well-placed passion is a goal worthy of your focus and critical to a fulfilling life.


The NF’s QUICK GUIDE to operating with the intelligent passion

We’ve introduced the InnerKinetics® Quick Guide to Operating with an NT’s Intelligent Calm, a Quick Guide for the SJ, and a Quick Guide for the SP.  Ensure the fuel you are running on serves as a powerhouse. Use your passion intelligently to create a life of meaning and significance.


  • If you cannot feel a passion for something in your life, set a goal to do so. We go where we focus.  Finding your passion is only a matter of time if that has been prioritized in your life.
  • Choose your passions carefully. Negative ones will blow up your life. Positive ones propel you forward.


  • Find your passion. Fan it until it glows with intensity. An NF has to burn for something bigger than themselves to feel truly fulfilled.
  • Since passion burns brightest when beliefs are strong, strengthen your positive beliefs.
  • A single passion is more intense than several passions. Focus on your key idea.
  • Watch for passion to increase with age. If we keep our passion in focus, the older we get, the stronger it becomes.

There’s much more to learn about operating with the emotional powerhouse of PASSION.

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