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What drives us to think, feel and act the way we do is the result of a brilliant inner design we must better understand if we are to step into a life that is fulfilling and purposeful.

When you learn to operate your inner strengths (Your InnerKinetics®) properly and eliminate self-made weaknesses, you create an entirely new way of living your life. It’s a better way to create quality relationships of all kinds, and a more focused approach to making the right choices for a purpose-filled future.


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Common Questions

InnerKinetics® proceeds on the belief that all people are individual and unique. But just like all creatures, we share some similarities. Temperament does not limit us. It understands how we share strengths and how these strengths shape and mold us.

To understand the intricacy of the world better, people categorize almost everything — trees, cats, dogs — and all for the purpose of reducing infinite differences in order to learn from what we have in common. We own our differences and should not be afraid of owning our similarities, too.

The question temperament asks is, “Which temperament are we dominantly, or which pattern of strengths best describes the drives and urges inside of us?” We can adopt strengths from other temperaments, sometimes out of necessity. But will always find our fulfillment when we are using and developing the strengths of the temperament that is dominant. Temperament is a default pole toward which we tend to lean in the way we think, feel, and act. Our true self is confused when we are led to believe we are two or more temperaments.
No, but you can modify it. That is, you can make the strengths of the temperament stronger or weaker. When people think they have changed their temperament, a more accurate way of looking at it is they have experienced an increased understanding of what their temperament is and how those strengths or urges are recognized by them.

Circumstances can demand we act according to the design of another temperament and we can even become skilled at the use of its strengths. Therefore, we can learn to think of ourselves as that temperament. Later we may realize that we feel more fulfilled as another temperament. Where we are fulfilled is where we belong. We often understand ourselves progressively.

It means we can understand each other better. Without understanding each other, how do we suppose we can have the best relationship.

Misunderstanding is the basis of nearly all of the conflicts and difficulties that occur in a relationship. Therefore, if we are having a lot of misunderstandings, we need to know the other person better. Temperament is a way to know each other at the core in a detailed and accurate way.

No, nor do they all do the same job. Many give you categories that have nothing to do with temperament. Many (in comparison to the ones that are in the main line of research) are inadequately tested.

The reliable ones that identify your temperament according to what has been observed and researched for over 2,300 years are those that use the Myers/Briggs letters. These can be self-verified. Of course, you are the final judge of whether the questionnaire is valuable or not. Read INNERKINETICS, Your Blueprint for Happiness and Success for more information.

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