Heard about the butterfly effect of emotional control?

The Butterfly effect of emotional control

Emotions are forces that drive us to either become our best or display our very worst. But how does that work? It turns out that it happens one emotional choice at a time. Acting on one unintelligent emotion after another takes you further away from the direction you’re designed to go. But each intelligent, helpful emotion creates momentum that propels you toward design-driven, purposeful choices. It’s called the butterfly effect of emotional control. And it’s a phenomenon directly related to your happiness and fulfillment.


Small events can have very large effects.

The butterfly effect serves as a metaphor for life in a chaotic world. Specifically, it suggests that small events can have very large effects on the most complex of systems. And there’s nothing more complex than the human system. What’s more, choice is a basic feature of the way our complex systems function.

WHY is emotional control so critical to our success in life? Because the meaning we experience in life is IN our emotions. We can choose to do almost anything. And each choice is a relatively small event. But the effects of each event can ripple through the course of our lives. Replacing damaging emotions with healthy ones creates a healthy, rich meaning to our lives. Victory in choosing the right emotion comes one battle at a time — one flap of a butterfly’s wings at a time.

So, it stands to reason that repeatedly replacing a negative emotion with positive emotion can create a pattern of control and intelligence in our mental systems that will set us up for success.


Your right choices lead to a lifestyle of emotional strength.

We love our freedom to choose!  Don’t we?  Yet, when we’re faced with the responsibility of choosing a kind and loving emotion or having to make a choice against our feelings of revenge or contempt, we try to get out from under the responsibility. We rationalize unintelligent choices as the ONLY possible choice. We say we don’t really have a choice. But that proves to be an emotionally unintelligent line of thinking. You see, harmful emotions are generated by our weaknesses. Helpful, positive emotions are generated by our strengths. So those who continue to provide safe harbor to emotions that are slowly destroying them from the inside out are choosing a path to unhappiness.


Emotions can happen so fast that we don’t have time to think. What’s more, some of our emotions are automatic responses. We just feel them and only after-the-fact do we have the opportunity to think of what we should do. However, we’re the ones who decide if we’re going to continue in our weakness and negativity.

From the moment our window of opportunity opens, our responsibility to choose begins. We live in our weaknesses only if we choose to do so. If the initial emotion is unintelligent, it will create weakness in us when we act on it. We must decide if we want to walk its path to our harm. The right choice is to focus on the right use of any of our inner strengths. Our strengths are driven and empowered by positive emotions. It’s in the intelligent operation of these strengths that we find the secret to the prevention of emotional breakdown and a lifestyle of emotional strength and wisdom.


Experience the butterfly effect of emotional control.

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