Experiencing trouble? Know when to restore your default settings in life.

Experiencing trouble?

What happens when you get used to something that you shouldn’t get used to? Over time, you can get used to just about anything — even if things aren’t as they should be. We can walk with an injured knee that doesn’t fully straighten, ignore a broken step we use every day (see my story below), handle our glasses sitting a bit crooked on our face or slightly blurry vision, and we can even let a naughty pet kick us out of our spot on the couch if they just win at it every day for a while. Anyone? But what happens when you overlook more important things that have gone wrong in some way? Perhaps it’s an unhealthy habit, unproductive thinking, or a negative emotion that leaves you feeling “broken.” Do you even notice their inevitably negative effects before it’s too late? If you’re experiencing trouble, it may be time to restore your life’s “default settings.” It’s time when . . .

When suddenly you’re falling down, restore your default settings.

Last week, I suddenly fell down the step into my garage. Yes, you read that right. One step! Over the last 5 years, it had begun to settle and slide down. It had moved 1.5 inches lower on the front of the step versus the back of the step. Everyone in my family became used to it and didn’t even notice just how bad it was until I literally slid down the step with a full pot of coffee! There was actually no “suddenly” about it. It took 5 years to get that way.

How could I not notice just how bad it had become?

As if that’s not enough, after we fixed it, I fell again. This time it was UP the step! Normally, I’d chalk that up to  clumsiness or distraction. But it was because I had actually fixed a faulty stair. I simply wasn’t used to it in the correct position! It’s amazing how hard it’s been to get used to having that step re-set correctly.

It got me to thinking about how fast trouble can hit your everyday life. You’re going along, doing things as you’ve always done and suddenly, there’s a nuclear meltdown of a relationship that’s survived so many other communication challenges. BAM! Total crisis mode brought on by a random parenting decision. You’re falling into a pit of despair and hopelessness because of what you think is just one damaging choice. But “suddenly” is not usually how that happens.

The first sign you’re experiencing trouble.

By design, your default settings for a healthy, productive, fulfilling life start with the right use of your inner drives and strengths.

Personal trouble in many areas of your life can go undetected for quite some time. Often, it’s a long, gradual move away from the “default settings” that had you fully functioning in your strengths.

In recent posts, we covered tips to changing your mental landscape when you feel stuck in damaging patterns. We’ve also said that knowing what needs to change is the first step to getting out of trouble. But if you don’t even know you’re malfunctioning or stuck in any sort of rut, that’s a big problem, too.

  • Take note of areas in your life where you feel as if you’re moving (either suddenly or gradually) in the wrong direction.
  • Notice damage that your choices are creating to either yourself or others. It’s a sure sign that your “default settings” need to be re-set.

If you’ve recognized the slow gradual shift away from your functioning in a manner that feels right, learn more about how your operational designed. Even taking some time to get used to the change is worth it.  It’s certainly better to fall up than down! 

Learn more about your inner design and come back to read more as we dig deeper into the process of changing your mental “set” back to settings that fit.

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