Know Your Own Code of Conduct

Know Your Code of Conduct

It’s a new season with new expectations. As a working parent and small business owner, my family is starting both a new school year and a new fiscal year.  So I’ve recently read and agreed to several “codes of conduct” or policy guidelines. They’re everywhere! Whether it’s a new sport, new school environment, or new business opportunity, everyone wants to be clear about their expectations of you. But what about the expectations you’re placing on yourself? Is your own code of conduct aligned with the person you’re designed to become?


Your Inner Design Reveals a Personal Code

Discovering your inner design (or InnerKinetics®) starts with discovering your temperament. But how we understand and apply that temperament information sets InnerKinetics apart.

Your InnerKinetics represents a “code.” It’s a set of inner drives you can follow and strengths that you can exercise. Exercise these strengths properly and they propel you toward the person you’ve been designed to become.  Think of your InnerKinetics as an inherent set of guides that influence your personal conduct. Please don’t misunderstand. Your InnerKinetics does not change basic moral values. But it does influence your priorities and how you go about meeting core needs.

Consider just one example:

  • Many of my friends and associates are driven to be the model of responsibility. The health of their self-image depends greatly on their success. This is a critical part of their inner design. So, they follow standards for their personal conduct that prove them trustworthy, reliable, and responsible. It’s a critical part of their personal code. When they don’t follow these standards, they are the first ones to voice their disappointment and sense of failure.
  • Contrast the drives above (to be responsible) with my own personal drives to be successful and influential in all relationships. Being responsible is important to me as well, but it’s the quality and success of my relationships that feeds my healthy self-image. So, my personal code of conduct requires me to be authentic, relatable, and gracious. My inner design is different than the people I’ve described above.


Your InnerKinetics = A Code of Conduct for Your Success

Each of us lives by a code of conduct that’s informed by our InnerKinetics. Do you know what your code reveals?


Check back next week as we spend time breaking down this personal code further. Knowing your InnerKinetics can be a very helpful addition to your personal code of conduct.

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